My First Time Getting High with StonerDays

My First Time Getting High with StonerDays

I can remember the feeling of wonderment just like it was yesterday. The sweet and pungent smell of Durban Poison was in the air. I was getting “high.” For the first time in my life I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be.

This entire encounter began and ended as a solo mission, my previously virgin and un-stoned fingers researching the effects of Cannabis Sativa and finding the answers to questions that I never even knew I had. From then on I was determined to get stoned. To my amazement and equal satisfaction the preparation for the first day of the rest of my life was surprisingly… easy.

My First Time Getting High with StonerDays

I made my requests known, strolled down to the nearest gas station, grabbed some Garcia Vegas and was on my way like a true champ.

There wasn’t much thought for a vibe going into this whole thing. Once the blunt was lit (and no where near pearled). I was pulled into a vibe like trance. Surrounding my inner and outer being. Slowly but surely helping me find the me this pot-head always wanted to be.

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Once The feeling of deep inhales became somewhat familiar to me sprawled out on my futon soul ablaze. The coughs and rough chokes that followed seemed a fair price to pay for heaven. There was a peace floating around the walls of my room through the blankets of smoke I was creating. My thoughts were full of adventure, and laughter in my heart. I’ll never forget the day I met the best friend of my lifetime in a healing herb and love to remember it fondly.

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Gently placing the roach in my brand new shiny Bob Marley ash tray. There was only one resonating though in my faded mind….I gotta get more of this stuff!