7 Ways That Marijuana Can Help Your Workout

7 Ways That Marijuana Can Help Your Workout

A happy stoner is a healthy stoner, given a little exercise of course. The medicinal benefits of cannabis continue to astound medical and scientific communities around the world. Smoking or vaping the right strain or weed can indeed help your fitness & health on many levels. Here we’ll be taking you through a look at 7 ways that marijuana can improve your workout so that you know exactly how to boost & support your performance.

Runner’s High and the Endocannabinoid System

runners high

The pain relief, euphoria, and escape from anxiety which many feel after a long session of aerobic exercise have been found to be connected to the brain’s endocannabinoid system. The reason that a “high” is only felt after an extensive period of exercise is that these opioid peptide endorphins cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier. By smoking or ingesting marijuana edibles before a workout, you’ll quicken the time it takes to reach a runner’s high due to fortifying anandamide levels within the body. If you are in Canada and are interested in flowers or edibles check out bcweededible.ca.

Anxiety Relief and Its Effect on Performance

anxiety relief

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Anxiety impacts everything from our ability to focus on the performance. While anxiety-based performance programs do exist, there has been a shift towards recognizing how debilitating stress and anxiety actually are. Cardiorespiratory rate, fear response patterns, and anxiety which starts building from a pre-competition level can cripple gymnasts. As self-confidence wanes, cognitive anxiety stacks cumulatively which makes it hard to escape the rut. Low doses of cannabis provide anxiety relief which alleviates much of the latent stress holding you back from reaching peak performance.

Pain Mitigation and HIIT

pain mitigating

The benefits of cannabis as a pain mitigating treatment are widespread. Almost 50% of all cannabis users report considerably less pain. High-intensity interval training supplies an athlete with massive gains but the toll that it can take on your body can cause quite a lot of pain. Cannabis use enables you to reap the full cardiovascular and healthy blood glucose benefits of HIIT while minimizing the pain perceived after an intense workout. This useful for both ends of the spectrum.

Improved Recovery During Restful Sleep

improved sleep

Short-term use of cannabis has proven extremely valuable to our quality of sleep. THC has alleviated the dissatisfaction of sleep quantity and quality experienced by insomnia sufferers. These benefits extend to recovery, as the body releases the largest amount of growth hormone during REM sleep. The therapeutic effect on sleep spans sleep onset latency and affects slow wave sleep in short-term use. Our REM sleep cycle is largely blocked by latent anxiety. Cannabis helps us sleep deeper for longer, giving our body the optimal time to release growth hormone. The only other time the body releases a significant amount is directly after an intense/extensive workout.

Cannabis, Terpenes & Inflammation

cannabis inflammation

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Every workout causes a degree of damage to your muscles and tissues. Inflammation then arises which notifies the body that it needs to begin its repair process. Your muscles and tissues then grow back fitter and stronger. A slight degree of inflammation is inevitable and essential to triggering the response. From strains to sprains, torn muscles to ligaments, inflammation is at the root of many exercise injuries.

Athletes often integrate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods and therapeutics to help their workout. Whether you take an ice bath or load up on ibuprofen to ease joint and muscle pain, easing inflammation always helps. Even conditions stemming from inflammation such as arthritis find relief from cannabis’s therapeutics. Regular use of marijuana will lower inflammation while also mitigating pain, working perfectly for anyone who exercises regularly.

Cannabis and Temperature Regulation

temperature regulation

THC interacts with the temperature effects of the body causing hypothermic action which resembles that of diazepam. Your body’s natural reaction to small dosages of THC helps you maintain a lower core heat for longer. Whether you’re doing the whole circuit or pushing a HIIT cycle hard, the cooling effect on your body is invaluable to gains and recovery.

Enthusiasm, Energy & Focus

energy focus

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Certain strains of marijuana particularly good varieties of Sativa like black diamond strain, blueberry strain, etc.are excellent for boosting focus and motivation. Uplifting strains will give you the drive that you need to get your workout going. Many people resort to arming themselves with a range of supplements. Yet all that top athletes, mass builders, and lifters have proven to need is a range of good anabolic steroids and a way to grow marijuana naturally. The Phytocannabinoids, cannabinoids, and THC present in marijuana help your body maintain energy levels.

Grow Your Own

grow weed

Grow marijuana naturally and you’ll be rewarding yourself with a healthy supplement to your workout and total wellness. With an average time of from seed-to-harvest of just three months or less when growing hydroponically, you can start reaping the many benefits without a need to source a supplier or drive to a marijuana dispensary.