Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

In the upper right side of our abdominal. Sits a red coloured organ. Weighing in at about 3 pounds.

Holistic Health - Earth MedicineHolistic Health and Earth Medicine. Responsibility is to regulate chemicals in the blood and balance/create nutrients. 2 sources that supply the Liver are. Oxygenated blood from the Hepatic Artery and rich blood from the Hepatic Portal Vein. research has identified around 500 functions.

Holistic Health separated by a band of connective tissue that anchors it to our abdominal cavity. Mixing with Vitamin K, breaking down damaged cells and operating system of our metabolism. Turning fat into energy. Making Carbohydrates and stabilizing our sugar levels.

We are truly all connected, humans and cannabis work on the same receptor system, CB1 & CB2. Controlling our emotions, temperature, appetite, reproductive system and mental stability. CB1 is mostly found in the nervous system, brain and spinal cord. Stabilizing our temperature, pain, memory and motor control. CB2 is found in the white blood cells, tonsils and spleen. Helps with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Anti-inflammatory has been popping up all over my study pages and courses. It’s actually an interesting process in our body. A way to understand it is. A source of pain that decreased mobility, can have a hot or fiery feeling. Dr. Harddeep Singh a Gastroenterologist stated in a study that “Alcohol increases fibrosis in the liver”.

Dr. Terence Bukong worked on proving that cannabis can help reduce the level of alcohol effects of the liver. He found that the heavier the user, the more positive effect cannabis had. This goes back to understanding our receptors.

Holistic Health comes in many forms. The ability to get rid of damaged cells or cell suicide. When this process happens. Cell proliferation comes to play, an Increase of cell growth and division. Toxic cancer forming cells. This intensifies to those who abuse the use of drugs and alcohol. CBD and THC have substicl

anti-inflammatory properties, as well as slow down the process of cell proliferation.

Holistic Health and Earth Medicine

In the last few months ive started studying the human body and mushrooms as a holistic way for health. I learnt that there are over 18 different kinds of mushrooms. I’ve recently been studying the mushroom strine Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane not only reduces the risk of Athzimers and depression and can reduce the risk of cancer. How that all works is a trip down Antioxidation .

Holistic Health is a form of protection from free radical damage. It slows down and fights the Oxidation

Harmful chemicals that we get from our environment. All and all FR (free radicals) aren’t bad for us. We do need them. Certain reactions in our bodies come from FRs. Example FRs, Hydrogen Peroxide, helps activate our white blood cells. Helping to protect against unknown viruses. coming from our bone marrow called hematopoietic stem cells. .

Antioxidants help maintain the Oxidation Antioxidant balance in the liver. When the liver is imbalanced its known as Oxidative stress. Imbalance between production of FR and the Antioxidant defense. Mushrooms are high in Antioxidants and Vitamin D, Containing Selenium. A tiny mineral playing a massive role when it comes to our Livers Enzyme funcan. (plays a role in women’s and men’s reproductive system, aids in lowering the risk of HIV, miscarage and asthma) Its found in our skeletal muscle, protecting against the Oxidation process. Vitamin D on the other hand reduces the risk of cancers.

Our bodies do all these crazy little things that our human eyes can’t see.

What we put into our body, can either be beneficial or destructive. Cannabis coming out of prohibition, was really the opening window to what we can really get out of planet earth. We are made up of tiny cells atoms and molecules all what seems to be designed to coincide with planet earth.

What we can even say; Earth medicine.

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