Bottomless Pit Thanksgiving Munchie Monster

Thanksgiving Muchie Monster

Bottomless Pit Thanksgiving Munchie Monster

In case you weren’t already hip, Thanksgiving is THE stoner’s Holiday and the obvious reason being the munchies. No other and turn your tummy into a bottomless pit. Depending on when and where you’re triggered this could be a real inconvenience… but not on Thanksgiving, on this day we welcome the munchies monster. Keep scrolling to feast your eyes on the ins and outs of the Thanksgiving Munchies.

Often times we take this opportunity to get together with the smokiest members of our family.

Find the perfect right before dinner session spot. Blow it down as if Nana isn’t in eye’s view from the garage. An herb that’s going to bring together all the spices and seasonings. Every ingredient and special sauce to have your palette dancing. Variety is such a plus when talking fire bud and food. Because chances are your cravings will start salty and end up sweet, reverse, and then call for a mixture of the two.

No matter what choices made the cut this year Mary Jane will make sure you get a taste of it all.

It’s not out of the ordinary for Thanksgiving gatherings to be an all day event and when waiting isn’t an option here’s a few pre-meal munchies that will hold you over without taking up all the space pre-approved for stuffing.

Raw Veggies and Dip- Spare carrots and broccoli shouldn’t be hard to find lying around somewhere. Grocery stores have veggie trays a’ plenty with the dip already included during the bountiful season.

Cheese and Crackers- An easy and convenient pot-head choice that’s both elegant and light. Making yourself little cracker sandwiches keeps you both entertained and satisfied.

Holiday Sweets- Don’t go overboard with this one, but feel free to grab a gingerbread man or two to curve those hash hunger pains that have you salivating at the mouth like a sort of nourishment junkie.

Last but not least let us not forget about the post Thanksgiving munchies as well. The day after when all the dust has settled and what your hazed eyes. See looking back at you from the fridge is all neatly wrapped in foil and plastic wrap. Kush has your neurons firing in all the right places and your stomach ready for round three maybe even four. Grab a few slices of bread, the mayo, and a few slices of that beloved turkey and you’ve got yourself a munchie creation un-like no other. Use this same concept to mix and match combinations with whatever’s on hand.

Eat, enjoy, laugh, always give thanks and smoke. Smoke as if you have something to be grateful for and have a kick ass Thanksgiving!