Halloween Weed Smoking Tips

Ways to Spookify Your Session: Halloween Weed Smoking Tips

Ways to Spookify Your Session: Halloween Weed Smoking Tips

These are our top Halloween weed smoking tips to spookify your session. The time is now to get frightened while you fire up, to feel shivers down your spine while taking bong hits, and be creeped out while smoking chronic. In case you were looking for ways to marry your Mary Jane and Jack-o-lantern addictions here are some ways you can Spookify your smoking session this Hallows Eve.

Hot Box in the Dark

Any in-closed space will do, a car, a room, a blanket fort… the possibilities are limitless. You begin to feel the smoke caress your skin ever so slightly as if to whisper casting intense coughing spells and a trance like state. Add a fried friend or two with horrifying tales of the present and you’ve got yourself a situation my friends; thick THC mist engulfing dark scenarios that put you in your happy place.

Get Stoned While Watching Horror Flicks

There’s no better way to put you in the season’s mood than to cozy up with your style of murderous mayhem. Whether it be intense gore that tickles your fancy, or demons from the nether realm, pair it with a wicked strain of your choice and watch as the two meld together like a beautiful potion.

Halloween Weed Smoking Tips
Halloween Weed Smoking Tips

Halloween Weed Smoking Tips Cont…

The screams have never sounded so beautiful, blood never before so vivid and vermilion. Not to mention the sativa that’s helping to bring out the humorous side of things as well. Just inhale deep and tell the homies not to be alarmed by your unusual amusement with Leather-face…. he comes but once a year.

Spooky Themed Edibles

Edibles are a big part of our Halloween weed smoking tips! Bring a level of elevation to this years Halloween get- together’s that perhaps no one was expecting. Munchies of course, but ones covered with blood and that get you high! Now that’s what we come for. Weed infused oils and butters as well as chocolate recipes can be found in the stoner cook book, add a dab or two of red food coloring or green for unidentified ooze and you’ll creep your guests out in the best way possible. The intense fun and deliciousness will downright scare you.

Smoke Spooky Strains

Autumn leaves have turned their colors and are falling all around us helping create the beautiful canvas we call fall. We love the crisp crunching sound they make under our feet as we make our way to the dispensary. We’re back again having grabbed some special leaves of our own. Another way to officially set the mood is to actually inhale other worldly vibes by smoking some “Spooky” strains. There are quite a few to choose from. Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, Zombie Kush, Ghost Train Haze, and Voodoo are just a few to get you that perfectly horrendous high.

Try one if not all of these ways to have a spooky session this Halloween, and make sure to tell us about your out of body experiences later. Happy Halloween Stoners!