The Future of Smoking Weed at Work 

The Future of Smoking Weed at Work 

Smoking Weed at Work is more commonly accepted these days. Today’s stoners have managed to move past the labels of the “lazy” or “hippie” pot-head and we’ve penetrated every spectrum of the workforce, and in some cases even dominating. The number of states with medical and recreational use is increasing. It leaves employers with the important decision of how to handle their future drug screening. Are they even necessary, and how useful are they?

In a perfect world no one would ever come to work blitzed; Unable to perform their tasks and we could 86 this whole drug testing shenanigans completely. Some work places feel the exact same way and have adopted a sort of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in light of certain state regulations.

There’s also the concern about the specifics of the test and fuzzy parts that can’t be proven, like the test telling you that THC is present but not that you’ve been soaring on shift. as we’ve mentioned before having the urge to get high is no longer illegal in many places and being fired for how you you chose to spend your off time would be quite un-cool not to mention illegal. As time moves on this is looking like a decent incentive to trash this work restriction altogether.

“Dude, Let’s Hotbox The HR Room!”

Even still, in a future with holograms and floating cars. We’re sure to want to be safe and employers are still going to have the need to cover their asses. The legality really isn’t the true issue; but not having “intoxicated” workers hot-boxing the HR room. Alcohol has been legal for decades now and most people would agree that showing up tequila wasted to work will result in that being a job you used to have.

The progression seems to be heading in a direction where jobs now take into consideration the vast amounts of medicinal patients and make distinctions when it comes to those employees.

Times are changing for smoking weed at work

Times are for sure changing. Stoners have been time traveling for ages, others are just now getting the chance to catch up. Stay hopeful all you hard working hash smokers, the future is looking smokey.

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