Stoner Guide On How To Pick Your Glass

Stoner Guide On How To Pick Your Glass


Let’s face it, not everyone has the same taste when it comes to glass to smoke out of. Some people love chillums, while others prefer bongs. Some people only like to smoke out of their favorite bowl and others love to smoke blunts with glass filters. How exactly does one choose a glass piece that fits them asan individual?

1. Get a piece that fits your lifestyle


If you’re looking at glass and you live with your parents still, I suggest you don’t go for the foot and a half tall Roor in the glass case. Make sure that if you’re going to be smoking around people you don’t want to know (parents, college dorm RAs, nosey neighbors), you keep your glass collection small and inconspicuous. Don’t go buying huge glass pieces that are impossible to hide. Make sure that you’re able to hide the glass if necessary. I suggest that if you’re in the college dorms, at home, or in an apartment building with nosey next door neighbors that are curious about the smell, that you stick with the small glass. Maybe some smaller bubblers and a sherlock or two. Definitely a chillum and if you decide to go away from glass, I highly recommend a vape!

2. How often is this piece going to get used?

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If you’re buying a party piece, keep it simple. While it might be cool to whip out the glass pipe that’s shaped like a huge spider, you’re not going to be happy when your drunk friend cracks a leg off of it. If you want a larger piece, get something made of plastic. They’re not the coolest things in the world but at least if it gets dropped, nothing’s going to shatter. If this is a piece that will only be used by you, constantly, you can probably splurge and buy something nice for yourself. Get a dope bong with an ashcatcher and a bunch of percs. Just make sure that you take good care of it!

3. New to smoking? Stick to your level!

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Are you just starting to get in to the smoking game? Make sure that the glass that you’re buying fits your level of smoking experience. Don’t buy something insane just to impress your friends because if you can’t clear the thing, no one really cares how cool it is and you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of weed. When I first started smoking, I legit started with a chillum, to pipes, to sherlocks and bubblers, to steamrollers, to bongs and vapes. It’s funny that I went in a pretty steady graduation from piece to piece. It’s important that you’re comfortable with what you’re smoking out of.

4. How dedicated are you to cleaning your pieces?

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Nice glass needs to be cleaned constantly, otherwise it really doesn’t look that nice. Try to avoid buying a beautiful clear glass bong if you’re not going to clean it constantly to keep it looking 100%. If you want something that you don’t have to clean a lot, I suggest something with colored glass, that way you can’t see through it as well. I do suggest that you clean your glass at least once a week if possible because smoking out of dirty glass just isn’t as good as clean glass!

Having an extensive glass collection takes time and effort. You have to take really good care of these pieces, as they really are works of art. Sometimes, we get unlucky and our pieces will break and that definitely sucks but at the same time, there’s a lot of glass out there for us to experience. If one piece breaks, just remember that there’s another piece out there waiting for you! It’ll take time for you to find the perfect piece that fits you well!

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  1. Nick says:

    You also forgot about glass thickness, faults in glass n such. Sometimes the faulty pieces can fall through the cracks of a shop’s inspection of shipments of glass they get. I had the bottom of a $160 Flo break right over my laptop with brand new water just put in it. What went wrong was that the bottom of the tube was blown so thin the glass was paper. The shop was nice enough to replace it but i was out a laptop. So people should reeeeeaaaally be checking for that and air bubbles in the glass that can be a weak point for breakage.

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