A Stoners First Time

A Stoners First Time


We were all there at one point… Some of us were in the comfort of our own home with siblings and/or friends while others were sneaking out of homeroom in to the woods in back of their high school with aluminum can piece, smoking sad brown weed. Every stoner in the world has their own individual story of the first time that they got high. It’s a huge event in a stoner’s life, when they were first introduced to the awesome Mary Jane.


As mentioned above, there are stoners who first smoked while they were supposed to be in homeroom? That was me. But it was usually Spanish class. It took me three years of high school to start smoking weed. I only started because my senior year boyfriend was a super hippy that didn’t own anything that wasn’t tie dye and had Grateful Dead bears plastered all over his car. It even took him almost all of senior year to convince me to smoke. I used to think pot was the stupidest thing in the world. Far cry from now, right?

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Fortunately, the stoners these days will have it a little better. As marijuana becomes more accepted, parents will be able to smoke with their kids when they reach a proper age, while they explain the plant. When I was growing up, all we had was D.A.R.E. to teach us about drugs and to them, everything is just awful. They told us that marijuana was the gateway drug and that it would ruin our lives. Bummer for them though… I wouldn’t have encountered marijuana for at least another three years if I had not been through D.A.R.E. It was that program that actually taught me about drugs and what they did. With all of their talk about how forbidden marijuana was, it made weed sound incredibly interesting.


A common stoner thought is that most you don’t get high the first time that you smoke. What about you? Did you get stoned? I seem to remember getting high the first time that I smoked in the woods behind my school. There doesn’t seem to be an actual answer than I can find on whether or not some people get high their first time. It kind of seems to depend on the person smoking. I believe that if you’re not getting high during your first ever smoke sesh, you’re either extremely nervous and that’s preventing you from getting stoned or your weed is no good. Either way, keep toking! If your’e not stoned now, you will be after you hit the bong a couple of times!

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