Nerd Out Herb Out; Cannabis And the Mind

Nerd Out Herb Out; Cannabis And the Mind

Nerd Out Herb Out; Cannabis And the Mind

The human brain. Complex organ that carries over 85 million neurons, the control center for every action. Rather unbelievable cannabis and the mind. To think that as i’m writing this right now my brain is coming up with the words and ideas. Telling my fingers to move across my keyboard. Type the letters to create the word. To hit the spacebar in between each word. While my fingers are typing, my brain is telling my eyelids when to blink, my lungs to inhale and exhale. My toes to twitch and my throat to swallow. And while you’re reading this you are probably. Taking a drink, itching your back. Eating food or sitting on the toilet. The brain is Unbelievable.

Cannabis And the Mind

We know that sleep is important. Fitness. Nutrition Keeping our brains active like doing puzzles, reading drawing can keep the mind stimulated and healthy. What can cannabis do for your mind? Slightly off topic. just to give you some insight. Running  can actually grow back brain cells.

Here are some interesting health facts the involve using cannabis in your health routine.

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1975 – National Cancer Institute says that THC inhibits the growth of lung cancer tumors. That bone marrow treated with cannabinoids showed a dose dependent resistance to cancer. What is cancer – Disease caused by abnormal cells in the body. To break it down. Cells grow old they die and new cells are born.

When cancer develops. The process breaks down and become abnormal – Eventually leading to a kind of tumor. The body is one weird factory. So how does cannabis inhibit or stop the growth a cancer? It blocks replication of cancer causing viruses.

Think of it like getting a c***** block by a girls best friend in a bar.

They also found out the cannabis can also maintain healthy cell growth. So all you chronic smokers. Keep going. Mama didn’t raise no quitter. But it would also be healthy if you ate some fruits and vegetables and went for a run.

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Shortly after 1975 discovery – NIDA ignored this promising and stated that cannabis causes cancer and the entire study was shut down. Alzheimer’s. The 6th leading causes of death in America. It is a progressive mental deterioration. Basically your brain shuts down. In some ways almost zombie. So this disconnection will start affecting your everyday life . Like you keep putting your keys in the fridge or food in the bathtub. You forget where you are going and you maybe even forget what a spoon is. In some cases. Forget how to use the bathroom. At least the upside to cancer (most cancer) is there is a cure. You can get a tumor cut out or take multiple radio session and get yourself to “remission”. The point where the cancer is acting positively to any treatment.

Cannabis And the Mind

Alzheimer’s has no cure. It’s a “progressive disease”. It just gets worse with time. BUT cannabis could be the answer. THC has been found to slow down production of the “ beta- amyloid”. The best friend of alzheimer’s. So may just maybe if you did get diagnosed with this. And you smoked a shit ton of weed you could possibly win Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis was brought to Western medicine by Dr. William O’Shaughnessy. Physician for the British East India Company. He learned about the uses of cannabis and created a vast number of experiment to bring truth to the plant. Learning about its many benefits like; Arthritis, Spasticity & Pain. After his discovery the Queens Dr. apparently said that cannabis is in fact the best medicine for period pains. If the queen saying that. Then you think that it has to be true. But the cannabis prohibition continued until 2018.

CB1 CB2 are main focuses when using cannabis for cancer.

CB1 (anandamide) – Appetite stimulant, Tumor growth inhibitor

CB2/CB1 (2-arachidonoylglycerol) – Appetite stimulant, Tumor growth inhibitor

Anandamide – Breast cancer, Prostate cancer


– Breast cancer

– Lung cancer

– Prostate cancer

– Glaucoma

– Lymphoma

All you really need to know or understand that CB1 & 2 are they key components when it comes to healing cancer. Alzheimer’s/Dementia. The progressive disease that has no cure.Yet research says that smoking cannabis can slow down or block its number one main squeeze. Amyloid – Aggressive proteins the in the body. And are is the key ingredient to alzheimer’s/ dementia, Cannabis (THC,CBD, CB1) can improve the memory and slow down the Amlod.

The magic between cannabis and cancer; Cannabis and the mind

Abnormal cell→cannabis→ BLOCK→ shrink → no damage to healthy cells→ regrowth

Choosing cannabis for wellness not intoxication – Cannabis Prevents:

– Invasion of many cancer cells

– Blocks replication of inflammatory properties

– Maintains healthy cell growth


– Anxiety

– Stress


– Pain

– emotions


Hemp Clothes

– Paper

– Medicine

– Art

All in favor of natural health?

Written by: Megan Thiessen