Money Saving Techniques For Cannabis Moms

Money Saving Techniques For Cannabis Moms

As a single pot smoking mom – I have countless bills a hungry toddler my own health plans and a treat yourself attitude. I have had to create some genius ways to help save money. While making sure i have. Food in the fridge, rent paid, utilities paid, gass paid day care fees and the list goes on. As the years move on and the bills grow. Minimum wage barely cuts it for cannabis moms and now in days even a college/university degree can land you a job in the mall. Adult life is stressful. Your constantly trying to balance work, friends, healthy life, kids if you got them, bills, school if you go to it. All while trying to abide by the rules of society. It’s not a surprise that depression, anxiety bipolar, multiple personality disorder. Are now being diagnosed in the later years of life.

Money Saving Techniques For Cannabis Mums
Money Saving Techniques For Cannabis Mums

My family calls me “the hippy dippy mum”. I believe in the natural ways of health. I never take advil or anything created by man to help ease pain. And when a cold gets into my house. My windows are open, essential oils are blowing and the house is being cleaned daily. I still remember when my mum put garlic in my oatmeal. It’s a shame lthat natural health is such a costly item. Something is terribly wrong with the world when a salad costs 10$ and a burger and fries can be found on the menu for 6$.

With health on the expensive side as a cannabis mom. And cannabis playing a major role. I’ve come up with a few ways to help save an extra dollar and maybe this will help you too.

1) Take out 20$ in 5$ bills. Hide them around your house. Get stoned. forget

where you hid them. When it comes time to clean your house it’s like christmas. (stay away from items that you would stick in the wash – aim for things you never go into. Like extra kitchen cupboards or books you never read) You might have to do something budgeting to make this work.

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2) Make a friend who doesn’t smoke much or not at all. Ask them to hold your stash.

Only take a few nugs at a time. This will actively make you think about how much weed you are smoking. ( bonus if they so no when you ask for more)

3) No cash no buy 

Plastic cards are more common than the actual paper. It can be a huge benefit but also a major money drainer. It’s easy to tap away not putting much thought into said transaction. Remember when cannabis was illegal? And you had to hand your dealer cash in order to get your product? Ya – go back to that. This will make you think a little bit more about what your investing into. If your weed is 60$ and you only have 70$ in your account. Standing at the bank machine. You will most likely wont take out the money. Heading directly to the shop with a credit card and debit. You will be more likely to spend either card. Studies show that you are more aware of your money when you work on a cash base system. No cash no buy.


4) Stop smoking so much and pay attention to what you are smoking

We have people skilled in the area of creating high THC Strains. Start paying attention to your weed. If you are finding that you have to smoke 5 js to get high. Then maybe it’s time to switch strains. In the words of my parents “ grow up”

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Happy saving happy smoking.

Writer: Megan