Mothers and Weed: Living, Parenting, and Smoking Weed

Mothers and Weed: Living, Parenting, and Smoking Weed

#1 Reason why Moms Smoke: Another One of those Days…

(Written by a mom who tokes up)

Mothers and weed go together and for a day like this its like PB&J. Punching out at the office just meant clocking into my other job as mom. Another day where I pick up my crying child who also had a bad day. Another day where I’m driving home thinking about dinner, work, and more importantly; how am I going to unwind? Arriving home and all I want to do is take off my bra, change into my pajamas and get into bed, but that’s not what good moms do. So I start dinner, change my sons diaper, turn on the Disney Channel, and take a deep breath resisting the erg to throw a tantrum myself. I declare “mommy time” and I go to my special cabinet and pull out my special little box, open it, and pull out my joint and lighter.

Mothers Who Smoke Weed

This is the moment where I lose most people and get one of those looks of shame. They stop caring to hear more of what I have to say. Others do the, “been there” looks. Either way, mothers and weed go together for “mommy time.”

Let’s back up here. We all know that being a mom is hard, and this comes from a mother who smokes weed.

Moms have much to do, and more to remember. We’re hero’s, cooks, day planners, and human. Mothers and weed help. Moms listen to endless stories that make no sense, and we make it our number one interest. The fact is, its hard work, but we love them. I am a firm believer in the words and believe that you have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help others. In other words, you have to take care of yourself to take care of others around you. I couldn’t help my son and myself at the same time. I’m tired, still in work clothes, hungry and my glass of wine is not helping. In fact, it’s now doing the complete opposite of helping and making me want to cry. Forget parenting and wining, mothers and weed sounds like a pairing I need.

Real Life Parenting With Mothers Who Smoke Weed

I have always known the health benefits of smoking marijuana, but I didn’t smoke for those reasons. I smoked marijuana because of the enjoyment of being stoned. Now as a single mother of one, I smoke marijuana for health & wellness.

I will tell you that marijuana makes you or me a better mother, but I will say that it does help in my day to day life. It helps me be more creative, patient, relaxed, and not to worry about the small things. When its, “another one of those days” it helps me to take a breather and to prioritize what needs to be done before the days end. I can then go to bed hoping for a great nights rest. All things you need as you climb the parent latter. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy smoking recreational but the health benefits as a mother is much more appealing.

Mothers Who Smoke Weed marijuana 420 pregnancy

I can step out for 20 seconds, take care of myself, and know my son will be okay.

Mothers are no good for there kids in a bad mood. Children are smarter than we think, and pick up on things such as our moods and energy. Smoking weed of course has its stigma, and even today, as the laws are changing people still pin it as a drug that shouldn’t be consumed. The problem for most mothers, is it makes us ashamed. So why should we be ashamed for doing something that helps us? I conducted a research I found that 6/10 woman I talked to where marijuana users. All 6 mothers felt ashamed of what they were doing. All 6 said the reason was is that its illegal. Another study showed 9/10 mothers I talked to who didn’t smoke weed and drank alcohol, said that they don’t feel at all guilty for drinking. Most claimed “ mommy time” as drinking with other mothers venting about their kids.

As a mother who smokes marijuana and drinks wine, I found it oddly sad. Where were the proud marijuana smoking mother groups?

Why is drinking more “accepted” then pot? Especially in this day and age how the laws are changing. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that woman who smoked pot were still considered some what of an “outcast” or the “ hippy” mom who was also labeled “the bad mom.”  While the other mothers who get together with their bottles of wine and cases of beer are celebrated. There are groups on facebook, but when I reached out to the members no one answered not even one like, when I reached out on my personal facebook I got messages of negativity. A few positive but even the ones who were sending good vibes didn’t want to share.

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Back inside with my little one. Im calm, and he is sensing the stillness in my body. My calming energy and soft voice, cradling him in my arms, sitting on the floor and rocking him back and forth. His tears stop and his soft sobs now turn into regular breaths. Taking his bottle he starts to slip into a nap. And at this very moment I say “thank you weed”. Thank you for helping me get through the ugly times. We applaud you for giving us the extra patience. We love you for helping open the hidden creativity zones in our minds, so that we can be children again. Thank you cannabis for lowering our anxiety and stress. You also help us see that a burnt dinner is really no big deal.

All the love from a mom who smokes pot and doesn’t see a single problem with it.

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Written by: Megan Thiessen

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Lethbridge AB | Canada