How to Get Stoned at Family Functions

How to Get Stoned at Family Functions 

So you’re thinking to yourself “How to Get Stoned at Family Functions.” All year round there are occasions for families to get together in attempts to keep everyone close. Even though it rarely works, still won’t stop the BBQ backyard vibes AND all of your extended loved ones stopping by for plates and good spirits. So where does this leave the chronic smoker you might ask? Smack dab in the middle of the function just like Grandma Nancy only much, much, higher. Keep reading to get a simple run-down on how to sneak some sweet green without becoming the black sheep.

Fragrance is Key To Going Undetected

Cannabis Sativa is known for her unique and pungent smell that can only be compared to that of a skunk and we love her all the more for it. Still, no one should be catching a contact during the carving of the turkey so don’t forget the body spray stoners! Stopping at the clothes sometimes isn’t enough and breath mints or hard candies can be essential when trying to shake the scent of chronic from your lips. Last but not least, if you’re relatives are extra square take it back to the old school and wear a smoking jacket when it’s time to get lifted. It acts as a sort of scent blocker to a certain degree and can mean a world of difference.

Location, Location, Location!

Hot-boxing in the driveway isn’t an option for you and your trippy cousins this Memorial Day celebration because the sober have you surrounded! Avoid hiccups like these by simply scoping out the place. Pot heads have a sort of 6 sense when it comes to dope smoking spots, so come with cobbler in hand and wide eyes on the lookout for that perfect place to get squinty. Family Functions are when destinations like the garage, behind the shed, and the old tree house really have their time to shine. Slip away when the time is just right and you’ll be in the clouds by time the charades game gets going.

Attention to Detail and How to Get Stoned at Family Functions Blog

The little things really are the ones that matter most, and when you’re looking to be discreet as well as blitzed the mission is to leave no “loose ends” or hemp wicks behind that might cause alarm to the elders. Slip some eye drops in your pocket for when that Train Wreck really hits.
How to Get Stoned at Family Functions
How to Get Stoned at Family Functions
Come to the function all ready rolled up and ready to go to eliminate chances of papers, grinder, and other paraphernalia falling off your person just as birthday candles are being blown out, or while Dad is giving his toast letting on to the entire bloodline you’re more than toasty.
Family time is cherished across the globe with all sorts of traditions and reasons to get everyone together in one space for hours of relatives and pot-luck dishes… Oh yeah we’ll definitely be stoned to the bone.