Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World

Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World

Cannabis cartoons have an awesome way of reaching out specifically to you no matter what age range or genre you fit in to. These colorful depictions literally molded us into the people we are today. That Child-like state of mind we love coming back to is nothing short of nirvana when you’re getting high.

Now a whole grown-up you known how to set the vibe and turn the dial to binge watch, and this is when it gets mad interesting.

Hey Arnold, Rugrats, The Angry Beavers, and of course The Wild Thorn-berries. These are only a few legends that Shaped us into the dope CGI Sims that we are today, and now that reality and dank kush has kicked in you’re beginning to think. What if they were the high ones all along… Keep your hazy eyes focused and continue scrolling to experience The Wild Thorn -Berries the way they were intended to be; this is cartoons on chronic.

Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World
Cannabis Cartoon Characters in a Chronic World

The ever so mysterious and strangely beautiful Eliza Thorn-berry lives with her entire family; in an RV as they travel the world shooting high quality wild life footage for National Geographic. Also along for The ride is Donnie, the kind hearted jungle boy the family runs across in the Amazon rain forest as well as Eliza’s own personal chimpanzee. If these folks weren’t getting stoned to the bone then we don’t know who is.

Cannabis Cartoons Living in a Chronic World

Cannabis Cartoon Characters all begin their day with family bong rips around they’re makeshift breakfast table and plan out their next course of passage. Jungle boy aka baby Tarzan prefers to take dabs with his morning cereal hence his speech impediment and somewhat irrational behavior, dude is just extra trippy.

Having the world as your playground is every kids dream and Eliza usually likes to follow up her wake and bake session with a nice day of exploring the country around her. Today’s expedition would be the one to change her for all eternity, and in a chance meeting with a high powerful Shaman he bestows upon her the ability to not only speak to, but to understand living creatures as well. Every animal that walks the face of the earth not excluding sea creatures. The peace-pipe used to execute this caliber of amazing must be the same one the Dog Whisperer tokes on before he trains his k-9 packs.

Pure majestic wonder takes the place of any other thought in your mind’s eye. As suspense shakes your heartbeat and for A few split seconds you forgot you were in the realm of your imagination; and only watching toons. The Shaman expresses to her that these abilities must always remain A secret for only her to hold dear, her and her best friend Darwin of course. That if her lips ever uttered to another human soul the gifts she possessed it would be taken from her instantly…

With great gifts there must be even greater responsibility, and even still the pressure of A young Cartoons mission has her inhaling Blue Dream by the ounces.

Now that you have the vision feel free to pop over to your favorite streaming site and get in the Wildest of Thorn-berry moods and put your high mind at ease. Sounds pretty tripped out from anyone’s point of view but especially yours.

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