7 Products To Help You Fight Stress

7 Products To Help You Fight Stress

CBD. It’s all anyone is talking about these days. It’s the new frontier in stress relief. Why CBD? Because it stands for cannabidiol, which is a mouthful to say. CBD is much easier to say. 

CBD is also making stress reduction much easier. Science is making leaps and bounds, finally discovering that it turns out that inside our bodies are receptors ready to receive the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol. It’s called the ECS, or EndoCannabinoid System.

Another way CBD is helping to fight stress is the diversity of ways to work it into your lifestyle, from topical to edible. In this article, you will learn about the different ways you can apply CBD stress relief to your condition. 

A Little About Stress Relief

Stress is sometimes defined as “an instinctive reaction to a real or perceived danger”. Stress is a little different from anxiety, which is a diagnosable disorder. Stress happens to everybody every day. 

While stress is a response from your body that can be helpful, it also affects your health. Stress is linked to heart disease, accelerated aging and eating disorders, among other conditions. 

The endocannabinoid system regulates mood, memory, appetite and the immune system. That’s why humans have used the cannabis plant to treat health issues for millennia, even before science began studying how it works. 

Users of CBD have reported increases in quality of life when they have introduced CBD into their routine. Reasons vary from the basic calming effects to reducing other stress-induced health issues. Studies have even found it provides help for something as common as public speaking!

How CBD Works

First, it’s important to mention that although CBD is produced from the cannabis hemp plant, it is not the compound that produces the psychoactive effects of THC. In short, this is not the kind that gets you high. It’s Medicine, Man! 

CBD is considered a cannabinoid and interacts with the receptors built into your system. It is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD binds directly to your receptors and is 100% non-psychoactive so none of the side effects that diminish mental acuity, like fuzziness or slowness, will appear.

Because of the binding, it may take longer to feel the effects but eventually a wave of serene relaxation will wash over your body. 

Sweet Dreams Of A Sleep Aid

One of the most common applications that is gaining traction is CBD as a sleep aid.

A lot of studies are finding that CBD has a noticeable effect on sleep patterns. Scientists believe this may be because it stimulates a particular endocannabinoid called anandamide, sometimes called “the bliss molecule” for its sedative influence. 

A lot of experimenting is happening now, so options range from formulas to capsules with added melatonin to fast-acting oil. Make sure you evaluate which is best for you based on your needs.

CBD may be able to treat insomnia and reduce PTSD nightmares. None of this is evaluated by the FDA, because federally cannabis is still a Schedule 1 Drug, but hopefully that is starting to change

Seven Ways to Enjoy the Benefits

CBD can be applied to your condition in a variety of ways, from internally to externally. Here are seven ways to introduce CBD into your routine.

  1. CBD oil is the most common and simple method of taking CBD. It is most pure and versatile. You can put it under your tongue or use it as an ingredient in one of the other methods below.
  2. CBD Spray is the most common choice for newbies. Found in a variety of flavors, the spray allows the most accurate measure of dosage, which aids in determining what dosage is right for you.
  3. CBD Tincture is a convenient and concentrated way to sneak CBD into your daily habits. The dropper allows you to just squeeze a couple of drops into your beverage or food. 
  4. Hemp Cigarettes harken back to the old days of smoking a joint. Hemp cigarettes are made with hemp replacing tobacco, delivers CBD and contains no more than .003% THC, the federal limit of THC that CBD products are allowed to contain. And no nicotine, so smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, right? They can even be helpful in quitting traditional cigarette smoking. 
  5. CBD Lip Balm is an example of topical application, where the CBD is absorbed into the skin. Another topical application that feels fun and exotic is CBD bath bombs, which many people use to relieve muscle tension. 
  6. CBD Only Flower is the smokable hemp found inside the cigarettes. You can purchase the flower loose and pack it into a vaporizer, if that’s your bag, baby. The shaky leaf material is usually made from industrial hemp or high CBD cannabis strains. 
  7. CBD Only Edibles are an art form that has majorly evolved from pot brownies in the seventies. There is a recipe for every kind of “munchies” to ingest and digest CBD. Even gummy bears!

Take It With Care

If you are a first-timer, and probably there are a lot of first-timers reading this article, be sure to approach CBD with care. You don’t want a bad experience to turn you off to the potential benefits. Research thoroughly and take precautions. 

But remember, it’s nothing like “marijuana”. It’s a healthy safe product with common, practical applications. Here are some starter tips to move you in the right direction.

Know your farmers. For example, be sure to vet the smokable hemp in your cigarettes and confirm that it comes from hemp farmers who use pure and organic materials. For example, a trusted brand is the farmers behind the Charlottes Web strain, which brought CBD oil to the attention of the mainstream public. 

If you are treating anxiety medically, not just stress, with a medical professional, consult that medical professional. CBD is a “nutritional supplement” by FDA legal definition and it can interact counterproductively with anxiety medicines.

Supplements are known to be more effective on a full stomach. Remember that it is not like getting high. It takes a while to take effect in most cases and you should cautiously regulate your dosage until you are certain of your needs. 

And there is the matter of the law. Keep in mind those hemp cigarettes, while fully legal to smoke in public, can be mistaken for the good old joint on occasion, so be mindful. 

CBD is a healthy alternative and there are a multitude of options for making it a part of your lifestyle, so don’t be shy, give it a try.