Stoners Handbook

Stoners Handbook

The Stoners Handbook. A manual for stoners all over the world, far and wide, who love to smoke the great and powerful plant known as… marijuana. Stonerdays has created 10 fun easy rules for you to follow when smoking, so roll up that joint and follow along! Here they are:


1. Past it to the left

When lighting up a joint, blunt, or pipe, passing to the left always insures that each stoner will receive a turn smoking that bomb kush. Don’t fuck up the rotation! Around and around we go.


2. Puff. Puff. Pass.

Remember when smoking a blunt to only take 2 hits, then pass to the next person in rotation. No stoner likes a greedy stoner, so don’t smoke the whole damn thing man!


3. Positive Vibes

Stoners are meant to have a positive vibe and a great outlook on life. “Peace and Love Baby!” That’s the motto given to us by our hippie ancestors.


 4. Sharing is caring

If you have some weed and your stoner friend is in need, pack them a bowl or even a snapper. “A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.” It’s called good karma, what goes around comes around. When your down and out on weed, I bet they’ll return the favor.


5. You roll it. You spark it. 

Always let the roller have the first taste, it’s the polite way of smoking the ganja. They rolled the blunt so why not let them try it out first. When you put the work in, you call the shots!


6. Never steal the lighter

OK, I know we’ve all done this on accident but don’t steal someone’s lighter on purpose, that’s just messed up. If you are in a circle smoking with friends, pass the piece along with the lighter to the next stoner in rotation.


7. Just say NO to cashed bowls

When passing the bong to the next person, don’t leave a cashed bowl inside and then not tell them. Give the stoner a head’s up that it’s cashed and that they might wanna pack another bowl. No one likes smoking booty kush.


8. Know your Limits

It’s not a competition. Not everyone can smoke as much as the next stoner. We all have our limits and you need to know when to stop before becoming so baked that we can’t function. It’s not fun when you can’t hang with everyone because you’re too high. Chill out with the right amount.


9. Save the drama for your momma

Don’t complain when offered to be smoked out. If you don’t care for the weed, keep the negativity to yourself. They were nice enough to share with you and everyone’s tastes are different. So if you wanna start drama, go talk to your mamma!


10. When the cops show up, shut up

Last but not least… When the cops show up “shut up”. Lets not pretend that the cops are their to be your friends. By just simply keeping quite you will save yourself and friends a lot of trouble.


We hope you enjoyed The Stoners Handbook, when using these rules every stoner can live with ease. Remember to have fun when smoking and always be carefree. It’s the StonerDays way of life! Do you wanna show the world your stoner side? Send us your pics to [email protected] or click on the button below. Have a stoney day and stay blazed!


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Stoners Handbook

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