Stoners Guide; Respect the Weed

Stoners Guide; Respect the Weed

Marijuana is an incredible plant and more people acknowledge that fact every day. We need to respect weed because it helps out of every day predicaments and issues from headaches to just relaxing at the end of the day. Of course, newbie stoners don’t know how to respect the weed like veterans do. Here’s a short guide on how to avoid being “that guy (or girl)” in the smoking circle that’s bringing the mood down.

– When you’re buying weed from someone, rather than a dispensary, don’t chew their ear off when you go to pick up your bag. Chances are, the guy has six other people waiting for you to leave so that they can come up and snag their Mary Jane. If your dealer invites you to hang out for a bit and smoke, that’s fine but don’t just start rambling about how your day went if your guy doesn’t ask.



– Never talk about seriously serious shit. People don’t want to get high to get bummed. People want to get high to forget about the nonsense in their lives. Keep the conversation light and cheerful… If you stick to quoting movies, the people that you’re with will think you’re hilarious. If there’s one thing potheads like, it’s quoting silly movies all day while passing around a bong.


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– Since technology hasn’t advanced far enough to the point where we have a weed magnet that attracts carpet nugs, the weed needs to stay in three places. First place is in the jar or bag that it’s being held in. Second would be in the grinder. Third would be in the apparatus that you’re using to smoke. Weed doesn’t belong on the floor or spilled all over the table where there are food crumbs and cat hair.


– This one is a huge deal; DO NOT volcano the weed! This is awful, especially when the bowl is freshly packed and a new smoker ends up exhaling through the piece and sending bits of bud flying everywhere. Not only is that weed still slightly on fire and could cause damage to your house, but there goes the bowl you were all about to smoke because you’re never going to find all of the pot anyway. If you have to cough, don’t cough in to the pipe.


– Don’t ever steal another person’s weed. This is the ultimate way to ruin your reputation as a loyal friend and a surefire way to get you pegged as the person no one wants to hang out with. Stealing weed is incredibly rude and awful. If you know someone who has done this or who you think would do this, keep them far away from your stash and remember, NEVER be the person that steals other people’s bud.



– Respect all weed. While you may live somewhere with the dankest dank, someone else might not. The Internet is a great way for people to talk down to those who aren’t as fortunate. Weed is weed and if it gets you high, it does what it’s supposed to do. Viewing a photo doesn’t give anyone the right to downsize someone else because they smoke different weed. Smoke it, love it, share it. There’s no need to bring others down unless you’re wiling to help them improve their smoking.

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