Stoner Guide; Wine and Weed

Stoner Guide; Wine and Weed

For those that are older or perhaps want to keep their brain nimble and unobstructed, there is new information regarding the effects of mixing red wine and cannabis in order to prevent toxic buildup in the human brain.


Both wine and cannabis have been studied in mice and both of the substances have chemicals in them that prevent memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s. For the older cannabis user, this is amazing news. Even for the younger stoners, having a glass of red wine a day, along with a bong can really benefit your health!


It is a widely known fact that cannabis assists with the function of our brains due to endocannabinoids. This neurotransmitter regulates and lowers the wear on our cognitive system that accompanies every day life. By ingesting cannabis, the cannabinoids work together to reduce harmful inflammation in the human brain. This is why cannabis is so effective in fighting headaches as well. The human brain has receptors specifically designed to intake cannabinoids so why not use that to our healthy advantage?

Wine Glass

Red wine contains a substance called polyphenol, which are a kind of antioxidant to our bodies. This chemical prevents toxic buildup in our brains, allowing them to function better. If toxins in the brain build up to a certain level, it wears on the cognitive system, causing severe memory loss. The saying “a glass of red wine a day” is a valid statement, considering the liquid really does benefit our cognitive responses.


Combining marijuana and red wine is something that should be considered when thinking about preventing memory loss when aging. While more research is required, it’s something to think about. Alzheimer’s is a terrible ordeal and a lot of people have dealt with it in their families. But if a disease can be prevented simply by having a joint and a glass of red wine a day, that is something that should be utilized. Not only that but wine and cannabis combined will assure a fun, happy night!


Stoner Guide; Wine and Weed