Stoner Cookbook; Rainbow Weed Cakes

Stoner Cookbook; Rainbow Weed Cakes

Being creative as a stoner is a very important trait. Colors are cooler, music is better, and there just seems to be an added beauty to the world that isn’t there when you’re not stoned. With that being said, how many of you stoners like to eat food that’s just as pretty as a piece of art?

rainbow weed cake

Well the other day, I made some Rasta colored cupcakes that are seriously dank.

Alright so what you’ll need;

Cake mix
Frosting (Pick one you like, they all work because you have to use white cake… If you use any other color, the food coloring won’t work)
Toothpicks (They don’t stick together very well)
Six decent sized containers to hold the cake mix while you mix in the color
Food coloring

rainbow weed cakes stoner cookbook

So take your cake mix and put all the ingredients together, with the exception of the vegetable oil that the recipe calls for. Replace that amount with cannabutter or liquid cannabis, whichever medium you prefer. If you choose to just grind up your leftover stems and vaped weed (I highly recommend this… Recycling is good)make sure that you use a coffee grinder and that the material is sufficiently ground up. Getting pieces of stem in your cupcake is no fun. If you do the grinding up method, you must melt butter in a pain and add the cannabis.

When you do this, you need to make sure that the butter never boils. By keeping it at a low simmer, you extract more THC from the material than if you boil it. I usually leave my butter on the stove for 7 minutes, until the kitchen smells almost like almonds. It’s a weird smell but I have a knack for cooking with weed and I’m telling you, buttery weed on the stove smells like almonds. Add the butter and bud to your cake mix. You can strain it with a coffee filter if you feel that your grinder didn’t do the whole job.

After you’ve mixed the cake batter, divvy it up between the six empty containers. Now, add the food coloring. Since the coloring only comes in four colors, you’ll have to make orange and purple. I only used six colors but I was also more interested in making the Rasta colors rather than the rainbow. So make your colors, and make sure to mix them together well. You can change the way the colors look by adding more or less of the coloring. Don’t add too much or you’ll end up with some hockey pucks because the colors don’t look very colorful if you add too much.

Bake these little cakes in a muffin pan. I don’t know if they make little mini cake pans. But if they do, use those. It just gets kind of complicated if you fill the muffin tin up too high with batter because the outside edge slants. This makes it difficult when stacking the individual cakes to make the full one. Cook them in the over for about 10 minutes at 350. After then 10 minutes, check the cakes with a toothpick and make sure that they’re cooked all the way through.

Now, removed the cakes from the muffin pan and let them cool. Once they’ve cooled off, you can start frosting them. Stack whichever colors you want in any way. Frost each layer so that they stick together. If you need to, stick it with a toothpick. The ones I made were a huge mess. Delicious. But a mess. When cut in half, these little surprises will impress all of your friends, especially if you’ve added bud to them! And as always, you can add however much or however little weed you want to. It all depends on your preference! Enjoy!

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