Stoner Blog; Marijuana Is Not A Drug

Stoner Blog; Marijuana Is Not A Drug

Gateway drug, narcotic, schedule 1. All of these terms are used to describe the plant which we love so much, more appropriately known as marijuana. Some people are pretty stuck to the idea that cannabis is a drug but in reality, it’s not. There is no argument. Cannabis is not an addictive substance and more people are beginning to realize that THC and CBD can actually promote the lengthening of the human life by giving us a chance to live healthy and treat our bodies with an all natural cure.


Cannabis needs absolutely no human interaction to grow to it’s full potential. Plants have grown abundant in the wild long before humans even existed. Hemp has been used in multiple cultures to make rope, cloth, boat sails, and numerous other products. The plants grown under human supervision produce more potent flowers, of course, but can still be found growing in the wild. Almost every single other drug, with very few exceptions, needs some kind of human interaction to produce the desired effect on humans. You’re not going to eat a ton of poppy seeds and feel like you’ve just done heroin, right? And there’s no amount of cocoa leaves you can eat to rival the effect of cocaine.

Rethinking Pot Green Wednesday

A drug is defined as a medicine or other substance that produces a physiological effect when used. Marijuana does change how you act but (at least in my personal smoking experience), marijuana just seems to sloooow thingggs dowwwwn. Everything is the same. There is no fantastic high. No explosion of energy or sudden lack of enthusiasm. Some will argue that this slowing effect is enough to be considered a seriously mind altering substance but I think of it this way; think of traveling at a fast speed in a car. You can look out the windows and see things going by but the details are obscured by the speed of the vehicle. Marijuana is what slows the car down so that you can see what’s going on outside the windows. Every stoner is different but this scenario works for quite a few different people.

Legalizing Marijuana

It’s seriously upsetting that cannabis was used by our ancestors a long time ago and was a required crop that farmers had to grow. These days, cannabis is one of the most disliked substances in existence. Even as the legalization slowly spreads across the globe, there are still people suffering the negative effects of their cannabis use. People lose jobs, friends, and family members because of the plant. They are called drug addicts and abusers, when they’re really patients trying to feel better with a safer alternative, as the medicine on the market doesn’t always work and can sometimes do more harm than good.

Stoner Blog; Marijuana Is Not A Drug

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