Rosin Pressing Temperature Guide

Rosin Pressing Temperature Guide

Rosin Pressing Temperature Guide

In today’s article we will talk about different Rosin pressing temperatures for hemp flower, keif, marijuana flower, dry sift, and bubble hash. 

Let’s get right into it! 

What is Rosin?

First of all, what is Rosin? In the last few years, Rosin has been getting a lot of attention and focus, a lot of people started to use it and it gained a lot of popularity. Rosin is a concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant using only heat and pressure. We’re focusing on Rosin, since it contains absolute zero solvents. If we want quality, premium rosin we will have to use our rosin press on the perfect temperature. For each marijuana there is a certain temperature that rosin presses use to produce a pure rosin. 

Why Rosin Pressing Temperatures Matter that Much?

People may wonder why do these temperatures matter that much? Well, if a rosin press uses way too high temperature, the rosin oil is going to be useless, sometimes burnt, which is unfortunately completely unusable. If the temperature is low, the yield for your rosin pressing would be lower. People don’t want to waste their flowers, and most importantly their time and money, so here’s a guide about the perfect rosin press temperatures for each flower. 

*Note: If there’s not enough pressure in the press then you will have to use higher temperatures in order to get great rosin that you can use. 

Hemp Flower Pressing Temperature Guide

Professionals usually recommend to press hemp flower at 220 degrees for 3 minutes. Since every rosin press is different, professionals recommend to start with this information then adjust it from there. When pressing rosin out of hemp flower, make sure the rosin is not too dark, or too light, firstly try it out with the basic datas. Then you can see from there if you need to leave it for some more time or if you need to decrease the temperature since none of the hemp flowers are similar. If it’s a lucky day, then you may get it perfectly and there is no need to adjust. But remember, if there’s not enough pressure in the rosin press, then the yield is going to be low. Usually rosin presses work between 300 PSI all the way up to 1000 PSI. 

Pressing Keif on the Perfect Temperature 


Getting the perfect temperature when pressing keif is a hard thing to do. Usually people don’t get it right for the first time, but it’s not a big deal. Experimenting is the key to get the perfect rosin. We did some research and asked a lot of professionals, they gave us the following guide: 

“The best temperature for pressing kief is between 170° and 190° F. I recommend starting at 180° F for 65 seconds and adjusting from there. When pressing kief you want to keep the temperature lower, but increase the pressing time.” 

When pressing keif or any other flowers it’s a key thing to use decent rosin bags. People put up the question, why? Rosin bags are just as important as the temperature when pressing. If a cheap, one sided rosin bag is being used, then it doesn’t matter if the temperature was set perfectly because the flower is going to burn which leads to poor condition rosin oil. Make sure to use the ones that are double stitched so your effort leads to delicious rosin that you can use. An important thing is to do, to set the PSI in the press to the range of 300 PSI up to 800 PSI. 

Necessary Temperature for Marijuana Flower

With marijuana flower, the ideal pressing temperature is around 180 to 220 degrees, for a period of 60-180 seconds. If the intention is for a higher quality sift then lower the temperature to 150-190 degrees and raise the pressing time to around 90-300 seconds. For a lower quality sift just use the basic temperature (180-220 degrees). You can use the rosin press with the power set from 600 PSI to 1000 PSI. 

Temperature for Pressing Dry Sift

A temperature of 170 degrees to 230 degrees is necessary to press dry sift. Make sure to start with low pressure then slowly rise it towards a higher pressure as the process comes to an end. This way the rosin is going to be perfect, and a very high yield is achievable. 

Bubble Hash Pressing

Pressing bubble hash is a very easy process. Since kief and bubble hash are very similar, same temperatures can be used at both. The best temperature is between 170 degrees to 190 degrees. As mentioned before, an expert said the following: “I recommend starting at 180° F for 65 seconds and adjusting from there. When pressing kief and hash you want to keep the temperature lower, but increase the pressing time.” 

How to Make the Rosin More Enjoyable 

An often used technique to make rosin more enjoyable is to cure it. Many people cure their rosin to achieve a desired texture and flavor based on their own taste. People also cure their Rosin to make it last longer. Curing rosin is a long process. Most of the people collect their rosin and put it in a jar, this involves folding the parchment paper into a funnel which allows the fresh pressed rosin oil to flow directly into a sealable heat proof glass jar. 

The process of curing rosin can take as long as sitting for one month or even longer. The real magic happens after that. Businesses who are selling cured rosin, are doing it for an expensive price which is completely reasonable. But we still think that curing your own rosin is the best way to go. It saves you a lot of money. 

We really hope you enjoyed today’s article, if so, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and experiences in temperatures.