Romance by Lil Wayne

Romance by Lil Wayne

There are tons of lonely stoners out there that would love to get a taste of some romance, and Lil Wayne is one of those stoners!

As stoners many of us have given up the traditional way of thinking and living, so why not throw the idea of chocolates and candlelit dinners too. Romance by Lil Wayne explains a

new kind of way to get closer to that special someone, think outside the box and just go with the flow.

When you’re in love with Mary Jane, it’s true that every one else simply has no choice other than to come in second place… I mean come on. A very intriguing line from this killer twisted love song is

“Send me cards, make me read, but don’t send me no flowers, unless it’s weed”

Well there you go! I don’t think there’s a better way than this to tell your romantic interest how you like to get down.

The things that the ever so creative Wayne comes up with in this song are not only funny, but true to real life.

Everything doesn’t always have to be perfect for two people to be able to make things work.

Sometimes all it takes is some dank ass kush and a quickie in the parking lot to get you feeling all lovey and dovey on the insides. The mellow mood that this song brings is perfect for relaxing but just krunk enough to give you the balls to call that sexy pot head over to your place for a little “romance”.

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