Grieves – Bloody Poetry

Grieves – Bloody Poetry

Benjamin Laub, better known by Grieves, is an American rap artist. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 23,1984 and later moved to Denver, Colorado with his family. Once old enough he moved to Settle Washington to pursue his musical career and still currently resides in there. Grieves independently released his first album, Irreversible in 2007 and in 2008 teamed up with producer Budo with whom he later released his next two albums: 88 Keys & Counting (2008) and Together/Apart (2011).


Grieves – Bloody Poetry is a unique piece of poetry and art combined. He beings his rap by explaining how it all began when the lights went out and how he had to figure his own life out. In the beginning it was a struggle he raps, “I could feel it, wedged in my ribs, it felt freezing… Paranormal, slowly being called into the gleam, where the ghosts gather nightly and sell the devil their dreams…” One interpretation in depth could be how hard it is to make it in this big world, selling your soul will bring on fame and fortune of your dreams but only if you are willing to lose yourself in the mix of it all.


In other parts of his lyrics he expresses: “If you want it, people say that old road is haunted. If you travel on it long enough you’ll never get off it. You believe it cause everything is skewed when you see it. Then you process automatically, think that you feel it and automatically sticks to the brain when the truth of it is standing outside, playing cards in the rain. You will never beat the game it plays. You can only turn around and lick the blood from your own switchblade. It’s forever, slowly resurrected from the dust. When you understand it’s everything inside of you, it’s us.” He is trying to inform us that if you let the demons that ahold of your soul you’ll never come back to reality, you’ll never get off that road you’ve traveled down. You believe the false realm of your fame and success because of how it looks… it is twisted to look beautiful and charming.


This song is so creative and Grieves really draws the listener into his story, his poetry. To get a better grasp and really look deep into the lyrics smoke some marijuana before listening. Draw the picture of his story inside your brain as you feel the high expanding your mind. Stay blazed stoners.

Grieves – Bloody Poetry

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