Rhode Island Marijuana Laws

marijuana-laws-rhode-islandThe Law
Senate Bill 0710 was approved by the House and Senate, and was vetoed by the Governor. However, the veto was over-ridden by the House and Senate. On January 3rd, 2006 the Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act was passed.

Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, or the treatment of these conditions; A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe, debilitating, chronic pain; severe nausea; seizures, including but not limited to, those characteristic of epilepsy; severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to, those characteristic of multiple sclerosis or Crohn’s disease; or agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease; or any other medical condition or its treatment approved by the state Department of Health.

Patients can have 12 marijuana plants or up to two and a half ounces of dried marijuana. Caregivers may possess up to five ounces of dried marijuana and no more than 24 marijuana plants in order to provide/supply for their patients.

 Rhode Island Marijuana Laws


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