How to make Canna Olive Oil

How to make Canna Olive Oil


The complete culinary world becomes much more exciting when cooking through the eyes of a stoner chef, and canna-olive-oil in a must in a pot head’s pantry. All you need is a bottle of olive oil and of course some sticky-icky and there’s really no limit to what high foods you can make. Savory, sweet, tangy, you name it and canna-oil will help you put a potent touch on it.

1 bottle of Olive oil of your choice, (dark color is preferred)

½ or 1 Cup of grounded marijuana

 Using a piece of paper, make a funnel so that the process of pouring the marijunana in the olive-oil goes smooth and you don’t spill or waste any herb. Begin pouring the ground reefer into your funnel. Something like a toothpick would be a good tool to help guide the MJ down the funnel. The amount of weed you use will determine the potency of the oil, so go for the gusto.

 Now you just store the canna-oil in the cabinet for about 4 weeks. The longer it’s stored the more potrent it will become over time, so let it age like fine wine as you anticipate its greatness. Now that you’ve learned how to make canna olive oil, check out our posts on how to make canna-butter and how to make canna-flour!



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    Word to the wise, dont drink this shit. It tastes super awful and it takes a while to get the feeling. Comes out better when you make an edible out of it.

    Let me repeat:


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