How to make Canna-Flour

How to make Canna-Flour

How to make Canna-Flour:

Thinking about baking? Well canna-flour is exactly what it takes to make your sweet treats that much sweeter and requires so little preparation, you’d be crazy not to keep a batch on hand. You’re going to be needing very finely ground marijuana for this one, so maybe a few runs through the grinder plus a little added man power to make it dust like. Don’t feel bad about beating the crap out of your nuggets, they’re being put to good use.

½ cup of finely ground marijuana for every 1 cup of flour.

 Simply ground your choice of KGB as finely as possible until it looks lke powdered weed.

 Add the Mary Jane into some flour and mix it in well, and there you have it! Finished canna-flour that’s ready to be used in whatever marijuana concoctions you’d like. Now that you’ve learned how to make canna-flour, check out out blog on how to make canna-butter and how to make canna olive oil