Holding In Hits; Good Or Bad

Holding In Hits; Good Or Bad

Since the day I started smoking pot, I’ve heard this stoner idea that holding in your hits can actually get you higher. At first I thought that it made sense since, if you hold in your hit, the smoke that you exhale is extremely thin and transparent.

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However, the general consensus of numerous smokers is that holding in your bong load any longer than six seconds is the maximum time that you should hold in a hit. The people that say that they get higher because they hold in their hits longer are experiencing something called a lack of oxygen. You need to breathe! Trust me, you’re not going to look very cool if you manage to make yourself pass out trying to hold your hits in for the the longest amount of time.


Everybody always wants to get higher and achieve the ultimate level of being completely stoned. But, it’s really not worth it when it’s risking you’re health. Marijuana does still contain tar and toxins that you shouldn’t really inhale. The longer the smoke stays in your lungs, the bigger the chance that your body is absorbing toxic stuff from the smoke you’re trying to hold in.

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Your lungs absorb the THC from the smoke in the first six seconds so there’s no reason to hold it in longer. If you can hold the hit in for six seconds, good for you! I’m usually coughing by four seconds. It’s a good idea to let your hits out in the first few seconds, because like I said above, you’re doing far more harm than good if you hold it in for longer than six seconds.


While holding in your hits, more than likely won’t get you any higher, coughing definitely will. When you cough, your lungs are expanding which is exposing more parts of your lungs to the THC in the smoke. Ultimately, this means that more THC is absorbed in to your blood stream. I definitely encourage coughing but don’t start drooling. That’s as lame as passing out while passing the bong!

Writing By: Miss Botwin

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Holding In Hits; Good Or Bad

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