Marijuana Overdose

Marijuana Overdose

People are always talking about how terrible marijuana is yet alcohol and tobacco are a legal, every day substance for most people.

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Those two substances alone kill more people a year than imaginable; tobacco at 440,000 and alcohol abuse at 75,000. That’s insane! And you can overdose on both of those substances and die. As a bartender, I’ve seen plenty of people get far too drunk. Nice people turn in to awful people sometimes if they drink too much, not to mention how crazy sick some people get after a night of drinking. Marijuana is still illegal in most states but really when was the last time you’ve heard of someone overdosing on marijuana? So how much pot would you have to smoke to overdose?

marijuana overdose

Well… Since no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, no one really knows. It has been estimated that you would have to consume 1500 POUNDS of marijuana in FIFTEEN MINUTES to actually overdose. And since there is no recorded death due to marijuana overdose, this number is still an estimate. I can’t even imagine trying to smoke that much weed! I don’t think that I’ll make it past the first few ounces.


I would say it’s pretty fair to say that marijuana should be the only legal substance mentioned in this paragraph. It only helps, not harms. You can even overdose on caffeine and Tylenol! While the reasons for marijuana being illegal are widely known (Certain people would lose way too much money for them to allow a renewable resource like marijuana), it’s still hard to believe that people are stupid enough to still believe the lies that are told about our beloved plant. Seriously I don’t think there’s any way humanly possible to smoke 1500 pounds in fifteen minutes. While some people might be thinking “challenge accepted!”, I highly recommend you do NOT go out and buy 1500 pounds to attempt this!

Marijuana Overdose