Chronic Crafts For Creative Cannabis Users

Chronic Crafts by StonerDays

Pushing ourselves to infinity and beyond is something us stoners have been doing way before Mr. Light-Year hit the big screen. Something tell us our chronic crafts are not stopping anytime soon. One killer bong rip can produce 10 million dollar ideas or ten hours of the munchies and we appreciate them both. As a chronic chronic smoker you may be growing tired of the norm but never with growing killer buds. Stonerdays has you covered with this epic edition of Chronic Crafts 101… Pipe Crafting

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Chronic Crafts: First Things First

Once you understand the basic functionality of pipe basics you’re pretty much on the yellow brick road to making any common household object and or food your gateway to heaven.


This chronic crafts list starts out with the carburetor hole. Small but mighty, creating the ventilation you need to inhale the thick, milky, clouds you dream about.


Be sure to calculate comfort when constructing your mouthpiece, Just a hole indeed but it could mean the difference between a Higher State of Mind and a halfway hit that drops you onto one of Saturn’s rings instead of Mars where you belong.

Chronic Craft Pipes made from pipe fittings at your neighborhood DIY store


Without a doubt THE most important part of your project but simple even still. No matter what contraption you choose make sure its sturdy enough to stay in place and withstand lighter heat without burning you or your arts and crafts.

Many pot-heads choose to start off with some of the more simple or vintage designs such as an apple or a soda can.

Get creative! There are infinite ways to make your own pipes!


The Pen Pipe is another quick and somewhat desperate design that’s quick to put together and will have you pleasingly stoned in no time.
Disassemble your average pen taking out the ink with pointed tip. What you have left is the plastic casing with one end for your mouth piece. The cone silver bottom that once held the ink in place now as you bowl. Pop the cone into one end of the pen with wide part exposed and ready for bud. Just like that you’ve invented a quick and smart way to get blowed.


The same mason jar that held your last OZ could be the same one to get you lifted. Using anything sharp and knife like start putting the necessary holes in the lid of the jar. The hardest part should be finding a sturdy tube for the mouthpiece but innovation is the name of the game.

Secure it with tape or gorilla glue ( we mean actual glue) and what you’re left with is a milky glass bong type pipe that’s easily up next to be your favorite bubbler.


Oh yes, a box of Tic-Tacs is the ideal transport for THC even if you’ve never realized it before. Once container is empty of course you only need to make one hole for your bowl, the classic structure of the bix already has a flip top opening …there’s your mouthpiece and carb as well. Perfect for a discreet on the go pocket toke even Einstein didn’t see this coming.

In the land of the stoned there really is no such word as “cant”. Mix it up and play around with what you’ve got and when your bones relax as you exhale the trees you’ll know the feeling of success.