CBD Placebo Effect: Is It All In Your Head?

There are no guarantees that CBD in any form is going to be of help to you. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that it can assist in everything from loss of appetite, anxiety and even things like joint and muscle pain. CBD may seem like a new idea but the use of Marijuana and CBD has been well documented by many cultures.

Is CBD a placebo, meaning, is there so much faith in the use of it to treat ailments that the faith is what makes it work? With so much daily market expansion and research that is trying to keep up, it’s easy to get misinformed as to the use of CBD and whether the effect is medicinal or mental. 

Image Credit: Newsweek

Can It All Be Imaginary?

With so many cultures, from so many countries, believing in the curative and transformative power of CBD, it seems unlikely that a CBD placebo conspiracy has taken place. Never the less, not everyone knows how CBD works. CBD and THC both have separate receptors all over your body, like living nodes. The nodes are along a network called the endocannabinoid system. When CBD enters the system, these receptors pick up the chemicals CBD and/or THC and send signals to the brain. These signals tell the brain to produce more dopamine or block pain receptors as well as many other functions like temperature regulation or thirst. 

So there is physical evidence that CBD does function like any other medication, so is it possible to use it to create a CBD placebo effect? If it’s like any other medication, than it should be. Yet CBD does not have any psychotropic effects. There is no “high” so to speak so the placebo effect would have to be if a test group didn’t feel pain relief or anxiety relief. 

The Truth Behind The Rumours 

A lot of the rumours about if CBD works or not comes from distribution testing done in 2017. According a study conducted by the American medical association showed that of 84 CBD oils, tinctures and creams tested for purity, only 26 of them contained the specified amount of CBD. Some that were supposed to be distillate actually contained THC. Yet not one person complained. 

So then it would appear CBD actually does provide exactly the relief it’s supposed just by virtue of the chemical make up of what it is. Even though there is still a slew of data coming in from all sorts of research projects being conducted, more and more scientists and users alike are starting to doubt the CBD placebo effect. 

Trickery Of The Mind

Much like the effect of dealcoholized beer, smoking deactivated marijuana, that is marijuana that has had the THC extracted from it, still gets people high. In some cases the association is so strong that they buzz themselves. In fact, because CBD and THC are both stored in fat cells, these cells can be commanded to dissolve, releasing the drugs into the system. So could an edible be administered that smelt like it contained CBD trick someone into feeling the effects of CBD.

So then CBD, like any drug, can be used as a placebo. The reasons why someone would want to do this are unclear unless just to research if it’s possible or not. With so few negative side effects, using CBD is actually more safe than most realize. Ultimately, ignorance is bliss sometimes. If you don’t know the difference between CBD placebo dosages and real ones but your body is responding positively to any treatment, that’s what really matters. In this world where the term “real” is subjective, the effects caused by a placebo are just as “real” as any other medicine regime. So why question something that’s working.