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Cannabis Jobs Are The New Dream Job!

For the everyday cannabis enthusiast, working in a pot shop is the dream job.

  Surrounded by the best of green, being able to educate others on your passion.  The dream job. When Canada legalized cannabis back in October. Many  Canadians across the country took up careers in cannabis. Just like any  business, there is more to the industry than meets the eye. Like an iceberg. 90% of  the iceberg is underwater, we only see 10% of the actual structure in front of us.  How much are we not seeing when it comes to cannabis jobs? And are you  applying for the right job for you and your lifestyle.

Starting out the people we see first, the people behind the counter. The people  who greet your happy ass right off the get go, and put a smile on your face. It’s  the people who say thank you, hand you your legal bag of green and may even  shake your hand. It’s the people who remember your name, your face, your  favorite strain, your story. It’s the retail people. This job is for the people who are  people oriented. Able to keep a smile on their faces 8 hours of the day. For the  people who love to put themselves in the public eye, out i the open.

Retail jobs aren’t for the faint of heart. Its long hours of constantly pleasing people. Knowing when you cannot win an argument and solving problems before a problem happens.  But yet without the people behind the counter a store wouldn’t really function. If  you are looking to get your foot in the door. Retail is a great way to start, the pay  is good the job is good. Your hands on learning without going to school. And of  course this can all lead you to some pretty high end jobs. Where you may or may  not need schooling.    As for retail experience – When it comes to cannabis the better knowledge the  better chance at receiving a job offer. But you can find some businesses are more the happy to take on a willing and dedicated individual to train. But with  standard retail job. Having some experience in sales, POS (point of sales) and a  good retail reference is asked for.   And you can’t forget about the AGLC. The cannabis licensing stamp of approval.  Basically saying that you are not an immature 18 year old (or older) and can  handle working in this kind of environment. With the right experience you could  land one of the higher job titles. Manager, shift manager, key holder, assistant  manager or if you played your cards right you could even have the title. Store  owner.

Retail isn’t the only job that is booming in  this amazing industry. If you have a green  thumb, you may want to look into being a  clipper. In other words a marijuana  trimmer. For this sweet smelling job, you  have to be someone who likes getting  their fingers sticky. This is the job for the  person who would rather sit back behind  closed doors out of public eye. Touch,  smell and eye f*** every blessed bud that  comes his or her way.And with grace, ease  and skill trim down.

This is definitely the job for the person who is looking to gain the skills and  knowledge of growing and or starting their own cannabis crop. This is a great hands on learn as you go job. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little knowledge in how  to trim, how to handle properly, how to accurately weigh and not to mention a  long day at a “tedious task”. Mental preparedness for this job.   If your shooting for the big time jobs. And i don’t mean working for anyone. I  mean working for yourself. Owning starting and creating a business. This is what  people dream of doing. But can’t actually do because of the hard work that  comes with owning and creating their own business. This is the job for the  creators. For the visionaries. For the people who are sick of working for someone  else. For the people who want to say “ This is MY business”.  If this is your dream you can do it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you cannot. But  this take a little more than just being people friendly, trimmer smart or manager  qualified. This job is about being able to see what your target market needs, what your special gift is and how to stand out amongst all the corporate owned  businesses across the country.  Are you online based? Small town based? Do you specialize in one strain only?  Do you specialize in a new waky form of trimming that makes the bud pop out so  hard it makes you cream your panties? There are a few hoops you have to get  through to get to the top of the charts in the business world. But if you have what  it takes you can rise to any corporate owned business and come out as number  one. You have to have that something special that no one else has. That drive  that push that uniqueness to bring to world.   Like finding any carrier. Knowing what you want out of your job, what your willing to put up with and the hours you want to work.

All play a factor on finding the perfect job for you and your lifestyle. Once you narrow it down to the perfect fit, you now have the pleasure of finding the
perfect business to work for. Or take over. Somethings to think about when you begin your search. Are you looking to relocate? Are you willing to
relocate? Are you looking for a large company? Or would you rather work for a  small locally owned store where you see the same 5 people every day?

Choose  wisely my friends. Your job is where you spend a good 80% of your life.

Writer: Megan Thiessen
AB, Canada