Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

Canada and Cannabis Freedom or boundaries. Oh Canada- we finally did it after decades the government finally lifted its hold and made cannabis legal country wide. The first G7 country.

Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?
Canada and Cannabis: Freedom or Boundaries?

In so many ways this is a time for celebrations, and for others it’s a time to rethink rental/work agreements. Many speculate on the new rules. And questions like Can a homeowner really ban a legal drug from their rental home? And can you still get fired for being high at work? Legal pot freedom! But maybe not as free as you would think.

As of October 17 the law will then state – Canadians can now legally carry 30 grams of cannabis and share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with another adult. So can you really get fired at work? yes and no. According to work policy – it’s not as simple as you think. A breach of policy can be as simple as “ the boss taking his/her employees out for a few drinks”. Moving forward with the new law. Anyone running a business must state very clearly. That anyone using anything that impairs themselves at a job site (cannabis) – Must inform the manager. In America, Many companies have opened their floors to smoking up on the job. Some businesses even say “ if it helps them get the work done were fine with it”.

Canada and Cannabis: A Rather Large Debate!

Another rather large debate on acceptable or not is the 4 plants to every home. Most “stoners” have already tried growing a plant in their home. And if you haven’t i’ll let you know it’s hard work takes up alot of energy humid and time consuming. Most homeowners worry is their house turning into a growop. On the economic side of things. Growing 4 plants in home will raise the price of electricity and power. Making utilities go up. This added bill to renters could cause many financial problems. For people who use cannabis to help them stabilize their health. This could be a cheaper & easier route.

canada and cannabis
Canada and Cannabis

So are we really free? Financial battles, work expectations, let’s not forget the designated smoking areas for cannabis. For more stoners the dream of sitting down in our favorite coffee shop. Lighting up a J and enjoying good coffee with friends, is OUR freedom dream. BUT this is a movement forward and we celebrate this notion. We continue to stand together, giving the best education on cannabis, and continue to move towards a FREE cannabis country.

Writer: Megan Thiessen

Lethbridge Ab Canada