Stoner Dictionary | Buffalo Chokes

Buffalo: noun 1. when the excessive inhalation of marijuana smoke causes an intense coughing fit; also called buffalo choke

Example: “I got a serious case of the buffalo chokes.”

Sometimes a stoner’s eyes may be bigger than their lungs. This will result in someone attempting to inhale a major hit but only ending up in a buffalo. Buffalo or buffalo choke means that you have just inhaled a massive amount of smoke that’s too much for you to handle causing you to cough uncontrollably right in the middle of your hit. It’s like a train coming right at you that you just can’t avoid.

One minute you’re smoking like a pro, then the next you’re hacking up your insides and can’t stop.

Most smokers hate it when this happens and find it very wasteful because during the process of coughing, you’re losing all of your smoke. The term began being used in this way because of how huge they are and how huge these coughs can become. Buffalo chokes are usually always the result of an overzealous hit taking your lungs by surprise. Oftentimes, these coughing spells can make you more high, as the capillaries in your lungs expand with each cough, absorbing more of the smoke. “You don’t get off ’til you cough.” Breathe it in like free air if you think you’ve got it, just don’t be surprised if you end up coughing like a flu patient.

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