Stoner Dictionary | Budiquette

Budiquette: noun 1. a set of standards and codes of polite behavior practiced within the marijuana social community

Example: “He has no budiquette, he completely skipped me in the rotation.”

So you think you know your stuff? Think you’re ready to finally take your cool bong out of your mom’s basement and fraternize with the rest of us? Well make sure you’re up on your budiquette. Used among many circles, budiquette simply refers to marijuana etiquette. Simple, yet important things one should remember when entering the cannabis circle. Here are some lessons in budiquette:

1. When smoking from a shared joint, do not put the joint directly into your mouth causing it to get soaking wet. Everyone is trying to get high, not taste what you had for lunch.

2. In the event that you invite people to your dojo to smoke, try to have some snacks on hand. When the munchies monster rears his hungry head, it’s always good to have some chips. Don’t be stingy, sharing is caring!

3. Never insult someone else’s weed, “This stuff sucks! Dude, you call this Kush?” If you don’t like it, simply don’t smoke it.

4. Puff, puff, pass (enough said).

5. Don’t babysit. It is easy to get caught up in spinning those long yarns about the meaning of life or the newest episode of South Park while passin’ a joint in your smoking circle, but remember, you can puff, puff, pass and tell your story at the same time. 

6. Marijuana is about sharing, caring, and healing. If you’re with a group and light up a bowl, it’s not always about getting super blitzed. It’s about good will towards man, so sacrifice a little and share the love.

7. Don’t mess up the rotation. Rotation is key! When you are apart of a sacred smoking circle, make sure no one is skipped and keep the herb moving in the same direction. If the person next to you is not in reaching distance, don’t be lazy, get up and pass it over because chances are, you’ll be in that person’s shoes one day. Pay it forward!

8. In the event of a foreign environment, always ask the host’s permission to light up. It’s common courtesy. Not everyone smokes weed and even some that do, don’t want it or can’t have it smoked in their home.

9. Match bowls. If someone is kind enough to pack you a bowl and you have some chronic in your pocket, share the wealth and offer to pack the next round.

10. Often times, when passing a pipe or a bong, a lighter is passed with it. Don’t be a lighter thief! Though it usually happens unintentionally, next time you are about to pocket a lighter, double check and make sure it’s yours and not Greg’s orange one.

11. If you are sick but still want to partake in the smoke session, sterilize the mouthpiece of the pipe or bong by burning it with the lighter before you pass it on. If what you are passing is not burnable, then warn the group that you are sick and if they love you so much that they don’t care, then smoke on!

12. Greens for all! When lighting up a bowl, don’t torch the whole thing. Try to spark the edges so everyone can get a taste of greens.

13. If you’re hitting a piece and it’s cashed or clogged, don’t pass it on, either pack it or poke it.

14. As Obama would say: always inhale.

 Many groups have several inside jokes, personal rules and standards. Either way, just be considerate when sharing that kind herb.These are just a few budiquette dos and don’ts to keep in mind the next time you’re blowing smoke with the homies.

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