Stoner Dictionary | Buddha

Buddha: adjective/noun 1. a term used to describe the soothing and tranquil effects of certain strains of marijuana 2. a 100% sativa strain variety grown predominantly in Thailand

Example: 1. “This herb is so Buddha, it will send you straight to nirvana.” 2. “I just picked up a strain from the clinic called Buddha.”

Hearing the name Buddha, does your mind automatically floats toward thoughts of meditation and “The Enlightened One?” Similar to these ideals, the term was coined by marijuana users to describe the etheric, laid back, calm, and nirvana like state experienced when smoking a fatty. It’s always a great time to roll a fatty for the man himself. 

Buddha is also a cannabis strain that is mostly grown in Thailand, and yep, you guessed it!

Thailand is a country that is predominately Buddhist. It seems very appropriate to nickname this awesome breed of weed after their very awesome spiritual leader. Said to offer an extremely strong (100% sativa), yet mellow high, the strain definitely lives up to its name. Widely used to describe and brand “good weed.” So the next time you smoke, make sure you get your hands on some Buddha and see for yourself how close you get to eternal bliss.