Bubonic Chronic

Stoner Dictionary | Bubonic Chronic 

Bubonic Chronic: adjective/noun 1. extremely potent and pungent marijuana

Example: “This bubonic chronic made my back pain disappear.”

In the 14th century, the Bubonic Plague wiped out nearly half of the European population. The so called Black Death was characterized by swelling of the nodes, painful lesions, and seizures. The fear that infection would reach your village could only be cured with huge bong rips of potent hashish. Cannabis might also have been used to relieve those suffering from the rodent born virus. Once infected, with no cure in sight, your death was assured. Even though the Bubonic Plague has been sterilized deeply into the past, some modern cannabis varieties would certainly provide relief to those infected with this ancient killer. Muscle cramps, pain from swelling, and lack of appetite can all be treated with today’s best cannabis strains. The immobilizing fear and anxiety many Europeans felt, caused by the quick spread of the Black Death, should not be associated with the Bubonic Chronic of the 21st century, but it could certainly be relieved by partaking in a bowl of this killer weed. So the next time you hear the word Bubonic, don’t run for the antibacterial soap, walk for a lung full of some of the best chronic the modern age has to offer.

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