Stoner Dictionary | Brownies

Marijuana Brownies: noun 1. chocolate brownies baked with cannabis infused butter; also known as special or magic brownies

Example: “I ate special brownies at the concert and they took me to another planet.”

What came first, the stoner or the brownie? The cannabis community has always been innovative, especially when it comes to food and bud. Stoners love eating food and they love to get stoned and they especially love eating food while stoned. Is it any wonder that eventually these two delights would come together in a culinary mix of chocolate and ambrosia? Solving a common stoner predicament: get high and eat or eat then get high? Brownies also provide sativa enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge just about anywhere. Take a look at NJWeedMan waiting for a jury to deliver a pot distribution verdict while he munches on hash cookies in a New Jersey courthouse. Now that’s what I call covert stress relief.

Eating your marijuana fix is also amazing for outdoor activities like hiking, amusement parks, concerts, or whatever other stoner adventures you can think of. 

Most smokers complain that eating is a buzz killer, while others affirm that eating is part of the buzz. With a magic brownie you can have both. And for those folks that want the benefits of cannabis without all the stigmas attached to smoking it, you can simply enjoy a sweet snack to cure what ails you. Replacing the harmful carcinogens of smoke with chocolate, sugar and butter is great for those suffering from lung and throat ailments and there are even many sugar free options as well. There are even vegan brownies and edible treats out there for all you animal loving health gurus out there. However, be cautioned, the effects of brownies can sneak up on you and provide an intense high that buzzes the body as well as the mind. Some novice marijuana users have described the high from edibles as overwhelming, often experiencing extreme paranoia and anxiety. The brownie high is very different than smoking it as well as much harder to dose. While smoking is almost instantaneous, edibles take close to an hour to digest and enter your blood stream. Oftentimes, people underestimate the power of the brownie and impatiently continue eating more when they do not feel the effects right away. You can always eat more but you can never eat less, so be careful because the peak also lasts 2-3 times longer than when smoked. Though baking your own magical brownies is a fun stoner activity, they can also be purchased at your local marijuana dispensary and are much easier to dose. The packaging will always show the strength of the brownie so you have an idea of how intense the high will be. Edibles at dispensaries must have all the ingredients listed on the label so you know exactly what you are ingesting as well. Also, with the help of your friendly local budtender, you can choose the brownie that is just right for you, avoiding the dreaded uncomfortable high.

So pick up a pack of your favorite brownie mix and add some magic.

Personally, I prefer Strawberry Kush and chocolate chip…yummy!

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