Whats Your Smoking Style

Whats Your Smoking Style?

Sometimes the mind might wonder, is there really a reason for everything? Every action and reaction?

Think about this in terms of your Mary Jane actions. Why do you hit the blunt the way you do, or hold a bong in that certain way you like, or why do you only roll Little John’s when you’re smoking papers? THC Thursday Whats Your Smoking Style?

Are these random ticks, or maybe tricks of the trade.

What’s Your Smoking Style is ready to investigate a few of these habits to see what’s really poppin’.

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How you hold your blunt/joint is important because it controls your smoke flow and sets you up for the inhale. Do you pinch or “square hold it?” Pinching looks like putting your index finger and thumb together with the piece in the middle.

This way gives easy control as not to burn your lips or be a butterfingers and go droppin’ smoke all around town.

Square holding is more a mirror of the way you would smoke a “square” or cigarette. Even though this way may not be as common, there are some who like to puff this way. Which one you go for doesn’t really matter as long as you’re smoking.

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The flame you choose is just as important as what toilet paper you use.

Delicate decisions require delicate thought, so don’t burn your ganja with just any ol’ kerosene lamp.

There are matches, lighters, vapes, hemp wicks, so many things to get the herb heated to appropriate temperatures.

Hemp wicks are said to burn slower and eliminate harmful chemicals getting into your smoke, lighters are fast, matches are vintage and cool, and vaporizers are life savers.

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So what style habitual stoner are you? THC Thursday What’s Your Smoking Style?

Is there any rhyme to your reason, or are you the whatever you see first kinder toker. It’s time to analyze your smoking style and see what little stoner OCD traditions tickle your fancy.

Whats Your Smoking Style?

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