Best Stoner Christmas Movies

Best Stoner Christmas Movies

Getting high with some of Hollywood’s best creations is something that stoners do on a regular basis, but during this magical time of the year there’s a different feel we want alongside our stone and that’s the Christmas spirit! Holiday movies are best served with a side of milk, cookies, and Mary Jane, with beautifully lit trees displayed on your t.v. and in your lungs there’s no way you’ll be sulking around in feelings of the past, present, or future.

It’s a Wonderful Life


A stoner Holiday must see, but an all around definition of a classic for sure. This film has all the vintage feels if you’re in the mood for a blast from the past and a little slang from a “simpler time”. Telling the story of adversity as well as perseverance and outlook it takes to overcome them. Insert a Christmas time theme 10x cozier than the sweater Granny knit for you and you’ve got a recipe for Holiday cheer.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas


It’s a fact that sometimes what a high calls for is cartoons, and we get the itch for colorful characters and worlds alongside the kind of laughter you remember from your youth. Now’s the time to knock out two birds with one stone while watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and inhaling the finest smoke this side of the North Pole and begin to feel your heart grow three sizes. It’s hard to deny the loving and enchanting nature that surrounds all of Whoville, who spread a message that the best gifts always come from within.

A Christmas Carol

With so many winning elements its hard to tell where to begin with this one. For this to be one of, if not arguably THE greatest Christmas story and be mirrored by such a haunting theme is what makes this one of the more unique selections on the list. No one could detest Christmas and all things jolly more than Scrooge so it makes sense it would take other-worldly forces to get him to his senses. When the trees start to take effect there won’t be a ba-humbug in sight but there just might be some apparitions.

A Charlie Brown Christmas


The peanuts have never failed to deliver when it comes to all things Holiday and this season is no exception. The term “Charlie Brown tree” has become a phrase coined specifically for any pitiful but still heart warming spruce with a bow, and we owe it all to these fun loving characters. These kids have more wit and smarts than the average and a killer soundtrack and choreography to put everyone young and old alike in the highest realm of good spirits.

Home Alone

The title of this beloved holiday movie also makes for the perfect opportunity for you to get lifted to the heavens. Although Kevin’s mother may have had somewhat questionable parenting methods, the scenes of pure joy and Christmas pleasure depicted in Home Alone are very hard to find replicated anywhere else. Seeing a young kid put together booby traps with just as much precision as the collector is worth the watch all in itself.

Bad Santa

Santa shock value at its absolute best. Bad Santa was released in 2003 and since then the idea of Jolly Old Saint Nick has never been the same. The Santa we see here is rough around the edges for sure but still shows us that Christmas miracles can come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Pack the bowl to the rim, light up the dankest trees you can get your gloved paws on, and repeat. The booming sound of laughter mixed with heartwarming coughs is the kind of gift we all want but won’t get wrapped under the tree.

Polar Express

Just when you thought a winter wonderland couldn’t exist the Polar Express pulled into the station taking you to that exact location, and stealing your heart at the same time. A movie that’s nothing short of captivating and so much more when you’re about five Christmas blunts in with marshmallows from your hot chocolate tickling your lips. Forget about the living room you were once chilling in and focus on the North Pole because that’s where you’ll be when you choose to board the Polar Express.

No matter what you choose to feast your eyes on this Christmas make sure you pair it with vibrant trees crystallized in a special snow all of its own. Merry Christmas stoners!