5 Ways to Enhance Your Smoking Session

5 Ways to Enhance Your Smoking Session

Looking to Enhance Your Smoking Session? For many stoners this Mary Jane journey started in a time entitled “way back when” and finding new and creative ways to get stoned can be a bit of a head scratcher. The comfortable feeling we get from a smoking routine started in days of old holds us tight like a hug from Grandma, and we forget the little hidden secrets that Cannabis has to offer. You might not think it but even the smallest tweaks made when taking in the sticky icky, can make a world of difference. No matter if you’re a Veteran in the game or coming in strong as a fried freshman, Stonerdays has got you covered with 5 ways to enhance your smoking session.

Put Different Strains in Rotation

Science and Marijuana go together like hemp wicks and lighters, and when you use the two together the combinations become limitless. Each strain of weed comes complete with it’s own THC content, effects, and ranges of high so if you know you’re ready… switch it up pot-heads! On the next dispensary trip bypass that beautiful Blue Dream you’ve been dating for months and take that Kryptonite out for a nice walk in the park. The change in stone however big or small might just be a piece of the equation you didn’t know was missing. Another fun way to apply this would be in a session with multiple blunts in rotation each one containing a different type of ganja. What you’re left with be an awesome although somewhat hard to pin-point high definitely worth revisiting.

Re-Visit “Old” Smoking Tools

Spice things up by taking it back to the “basics” that being wherever you started from but maybe forgot how refreshing it actually is. Now is the time to blow the dust off the bong quietly sitting on your closet shelf, fill with water, light, repeat. The strong kick-back and belly coughs that follow are ones that fill your cloudy mind with the best nostalgic feels. Or what about that roller tucked neatly in the desk drawer; it’s true your seasoned rolling hands don’t necessarily “need” the help but there’s just something about seeing a line of perfectly circular and uniform doobies spread across a table that turns you on. Treat yourself and finally replace the missing piece to your rig and dab out the way you used to.

Smoke in Solitude to Enhance Your Smoking Session

This may sound selfish to some but in fact is the exact opposite, and self care can be just as simple as getting lifted solo. Using MJ as a way to get better acquainted with parts of the inner you is one of her greatest attributes and an all around life enhancer for sure. Being in touch with yourself has a way of rubbing off into the lives of others you come in contact with in positive ways, selfish…. we think not!

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So get to the vibe setting and select some chill music of your choice, or Enter Sandman as you enter into another dimension this time it’s all about you and what you’re feeling in this moment. You won’t feel the absence of others surrounded by crisp air and open skies, just you, Mary, and the never ending mystery that is Mother Nature. This is for sure an equation for a lone stone that’s been way overdue.

Prepare for the Stone

In short, this means set the mood! We all know what getting high feels like during, after, and the anticipation right before. Often times we throw all caution to the wind getting so immersed in the inhale until it hits and we’re unprepared… leaving whirlwinds in the fridge and cabinets frantically searching for munchies. Simply set out cheese and crackers or make a quick slam sandwich before you start inhaling and watch the world of difference it makes once your hazy eyes and growling stomach are on the prowl for food. Or what about the thirty minutes it takes you to pick out a movie because now every blue-ray cover is captivating….and connected in some way. Bypass this sort of mind warp and pop a good thriller in before the THC gets you all “deep”.

Have a Master Bathroom

This one isn’t that confusing when you think of all the possibilities. A bathroom has to offer when getting stoned to the bone. With a restroom involved you can enhance your smoking session by way of sauna. Intense hot boxing, or some mirror fun. If you’ve never been blitzed and spent time in a mirror you’ve shorted yourself one of life’s more interesting pleasures. Bring the spa to you every once and while, turn on the hot water. Let the steam cleanse your body of toxins and the weed cleanse your mind of stress. Not to mention needing the easy access the let loose the juice because you were determined not to let the cotton-mouth win.

We hope at least one if not all of these great session enhancers can find a place in your routine. Shake it up in the best way possible. Happy smoking stoners!

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