Stoner Dictionary | Babysittin

Babysittin’: verb 1. when someone holds the bowl or joint without smoking or passing

Example: “Bro, pass the bowl! No one’s going to pay you for babysittin’ the damn thing.”

There’s a simple rule among smokers: “puff, puff, pass.” It’s an easy rule to follow but every now and again you are forced to deal with someone who can’t help but keep puffin and forgets to pass the smoke. It’s inevitable when it comes to smoke sessions. Typically it happens when someone is telling a story and just keeps hitting the joint or forgetting to hit or pass it.

The worst is when the babysitter is so engulfed in a story, that the joint will actually go out!

Being the docile stoners that we are, sometimes it is hard to tell someone they are babysittin’ because of fear of hurting one’s feelings. If you are one of these passive stoners, don’t be afraid! There are nice ways to get the bowl rollin’. Any stoner is aware of budiquette will quickly learn that babysittin’ should be reserved for kids and pets, not weed. Babysittin’ basically breaks rule number one when it comes to smoke session rotation and etiquette. 

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