marijuana buzz


Stoner Dictionary | Buzz

Buzz: noun 1. characterized as a mild high

Example: 1. “That sativa we smoked gave me a gnarly head buzz.”

Before you become stoned, baked, blitzed, torched, ripped, or even high, the first state of consciousness on your path of marijuana consumption is buzzed. Generally, a buzz is achieved by only taking one to three hits, depending, of course, entirely on your level of tolerance. By doing this, you are able to experience a calm, wispy, light high. This term is also used to describe a mild level of drunkness, misconstrued by the television public service announcement claiming that “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Perceive that statement however you seem fit. Though driving under the influence of any substance despite your level of intoxication is not recommended, just like being buzzed versus being stoned, there is a major difference between being buzzed and being black-out drunk. Now back to Mary Jane, being buzzed gives you the feeling of being high without being too stoned. Some people practice this method so that they can continuously revisit a high multiple times a day. Others prefer a buzz to simply save on weed. The numbers of hits taken to get the feeling of a buzz vary on a number of different factors: the potency of your flowers, if you are sharing, using a bong, vaporizer, pipe or joint, and your personal tolerance level.You will most often hear this term in correlation with sativa strains of cannabis.

While indicas are primarily described as giving a heavy “body high,” sativas are usually described as providing an uplifting “head buzz.”

For those who are familiar with the effects of sativas, the term buzz is extremely appropriate. Much more energetic than indicas, sativas can give the mind the feeling of fluttering or buzzing, comparable to a busy worker bee hopping from flower to flower. This buzz is often much more productive than the slowing effects of indicas, making it the perfect state of mind for creative exploration, outdoor activities, or simply assisting us in our daily routines, enhancing our minds instead of clouding them. For some, especially those who predominantly smoke indicas, the buzzing effects of sativas can be too much to handle, causing anxiety and paranoia, in some rare cases. If in the event you are caught in a head buzz that is making you mildly uncomfortable, just breathe and remember, it is your mind, your body, and you can regain control of it. Also, it is just your good friend Mary Jane. She is not here to hurt you, she is here to help you, and her effects will not last forever, so just embrace it and let it run its course. Who knows, maybe next time you will enjoy it because you now know exactly what to expect. Many veteran smokers live by the creed “go hard or go home,” but if you just want to test the waters in the marijuana pool, or maybe meeting grandma for tea later, a buzz might just be the way to go.