Stoner Dictionary | Ash-Catcher

Ash-Catcher: noun 1. an elongated bowl piece containing water and attached to a water pipe

Example: “Check out this trippy ash-catcher I just got for my bong!”

One of the many clever stoner inventions, an ash-catcher is more of a luxury item than a necessity. While the water within the bong itself filters out most of the carcinogens, sometimes ash and debris get pulled into the water. One of the most irritating tasks is cleaning your precious bong. Though it has to be done, it is not a fun activity to perform, especially when all you want to do is smoke out of it. The ash-catcher adds an additional filtration, literally catching the ashes as they get pulled through the bowl piece. With less ash and chunks in your bong, less cleaning your bong!

I will take a toke for that!

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