5 Great Tips to Use CBD as an Effective Pre Workout Supplement

5 Great Tips to Use CBD as an Effective Pre Workout Supplement

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of marijuana for fitness. Without a doubt, cannabis should be a part of your fitness lifestyle because of its calming and restorative effects. However, that doesn’t mean that THC should be a part of your fitness regime. Sure, you can enjoy THC on your off days or when you’re enjoying quarantine by yourself, but not when exercising. This is because THC is a psychoactive compound, and it can severely affect your balance and performance in the gym.

On the other hand, CBD will provide you with all of the same restorative benefits, but without the mental haze. This is why you should add CBD to your fitness regime, and add it to your pre workout routine. Getting yourself in the mood for a tough workout can be a challenge, which is why you need a pick-me-up. That said, you need to know how to use CBD to maximize its positive effects. Here are the five tips to use CBD as an effective pre workout supplement.

Start small and know your dosage

CBD might not produce a negative effect on your performance, but that doesn’t mean that you should approximate your dosage. Rather, you should know exactly how much CBD you need to get yourself in the mood, relieve muscle soreness and fatigue, and prep yourself for an amazing workout. After all, taking too much might not do anything but make you waste the product. To conserve your CBD reserves, be sure to start small and slowly work your way up.

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In the beginning, you won’t need a lot to feel its calming and restorative effects. This means that you can improve your focus and motivation quickly and easily. Over time, and especially if you’re under a lot of stress, you might feel that you need more. That’s fine, you can raise the dose slowly until you start feeling its effects.

Drink plenty of water and eat right

To get a great workout in, it’s not enough to just consume some CBD – you also have to eat right. Keep in mind that CBD can do only so much for your performance on its own. If your water intake and nutrition are off point, you can expect to feel sluggish and demotivated throughout the day. For that and many other reasons, you should complement CBD intake with a healthy diet. This is especially important for your pre workout routine.

Be sure to take CBD, especially if you’re consuming edibles, with plenty of water and healthy foods. Leave the CBD bombs for your post-workout routine, though. It’s important to keep hydrated before a workout, while eating a pre workout meal will ensure that your energy stores are in check. This will also help with CBD absorption and will balance its effects in your body. 

Combine CBD with other stimulative supplements

CBD should be your primary supplement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be the only one. In fact, you can easily improve on the benefits of CBD by combining it with other stimulants. For example, you can complement the effects of CBD by taking a pre workout supplement right before your training session. This will fire up your central nervous system and promote blood flow, while CBD instills a deep sense of calm. 


It’s important that you strike the right balance between stimulating your mind and body, and calming yourself for the challenge ahead. You will be able to tackle your workout safely, without the risk of injury because you are calm, yet energized.

Consume CBD the right way before working out

Many people think that the way you consume CBD can’t affect your performance, however, the truth tells a different story. Even though CBD won’t affect your mental state in a negative way, it can still produce some unwanted side-effects. For example, you might want to smoke CBD before your workout, but that can hinder your performance. 

The intake of smoke can interfere with lung function, and it can cause shortness of breath and lower your energy. This is why you should consider consuming CBD in a different way. Try using edibles and CBD drops instead of smoking to boost your workout and maximize performance. 

Use CBD to calm your nerves before a big fitness event

There are many benefits of making CBD a part of your fitness lifestyle. One of them is, of course, its ability to calm you before a particularly stressful event. If you’re thinking of competing in a sporting event, then CBD can calm your nerves and put your mind at ease. 

CBD is also a great choice when you want to set a new PR and push your limits in training. With that in mind, be sure to use CBD wisely before an important fitness event to get your mind in the right place, but be careful not to overdo it if you want to maximize your performance. 

Wrapping up

Cannabis can be a great fitness supplement, but you need to know how to use it. Follow these tips in order to maximize its positive effects and take your fitness lifestyle to the next level.