Yinyues – Everything featuring Mimi Page

Yinyues – Everything featuring Mimi Page

This video, directed by French artist Romain Demongeot, starts out with a few interesting facts about our civilization. Global warming has resulted in the melting of ice caps and the disappearance of vegetation and as of Dec. 21, 2062 our world is in ruins. Sea levels have risen so drastically making our society take refuge on the last emergent heights which is an unbreathable atmosphere.

Now we are forced to wear oxygen masks and live out our lives in the dreadful destruction.


The music by Yinyues featuring Mimi Page is entrancing to the mind and soul. Romain Demongeot takes us through Paris, where the city is completely emerged under the ocean. We pass through the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel tower. He then proceeds to take us inside a fish bowl which is placed in the cyber love hotel. You see individuals dressed in old ragged clothing while holding and comforting one another.


A man is creating eye contacts for the customers to visualize a more peaceful time, a period before the destruction of man. Once the customers place the contacts into their eyes they are then injected with the special serum into their veins. As they open their eyes upon their new found sight on life, beautiful green gardens with trees and blooming flowers appear before them.


Overwhelming feelings of serenity fall on them, while joyful tears stream down their faces. It’s as though this foreign society has never felt the warm gentle sun shine and cool breeze against their skin. The couples, old and young, caress each others bodies; tangled up in love and passion for one another in this beautiful design of euphoria.


They embrace the high while making sweet love for they know this facade will soon fade back into the grim reality of their dark world.

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Yinyues – Everything featuring Mimi Page

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