Worldwide Protest to End Prohibition: May 4th 2013

Worldwide Protest to End Prohibition: May 4th 2013

The Global Cannabis March is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet.

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The march can also go by the name’s of Global Marijuana March, World Cannabis Day, Worldwide Marijuana March, Global Space Odyssey, Cannabis Liberation Day, Ganja Day, Million Blunts March, J Day and the list keeps going.

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Over 250 cities now join in a vocal demonstration for cannabis reform and in 2011 it was a tremendous success with over 25,000 in Toronto, 25,000 total in Argentina, and 15,000 in Buenos Aries.

Marches were also held in Paris, Van Couver, Medellin, Mexico City all breaking records THIS YEAR!

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The founding organizer since 1998, Dana Beal and his group Cures Not Wars, along with other supporters from Cannabis Culture Magazine, High Times Magazine, C.A.M.P., Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition and now hundreds of cannabis reformers/organizers worldwide are promoting marches and events in their own cities.

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Don’t miss the most successful Marijuana March in history!

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Worldwide Protest to End Prohibition: May 4th 2013

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