“Oh Canada” Top Ten Stoner Rules


“Oh Canada” Top Ten Stoner Rules

Puff Puff Pass

No one likes a greedy stoner, or a super slow one for that matter. If you’re gonna be in the circle, be on your shit!blunt-passing

 Save Roaches For A Rainy Day

Everyone runs out of bud on the worst day possible, keep your roaches someplace save to help yourself out when your in need of some green.

  He Who Rolls It, Sparks It

Always let the roller have the first taste of whatever they’ve produced, assessment is the best way to improve ones skill.


 Never Let Someone Smoke A Cashed Bowl

No one likes a gnarly bong rip, be curious and give the next person in rotation a heads up as to whether or not they want to smoke it.


 Don’t Be Stingy

If you offered to smoke someone out, you should never be stingy with your weed. There is obviously a limit to everything, but herb was meant to be shared, don’t get all butt hurt over some green.


 Don’t Fuck Up Rotation

Generally the joint (or whatever you may be smoking) is passed to the left. However, it’s not a rule followed by all, so when smoking always make sure to stick to rotation. No one wants an uneven sesh, where some might be higher than others.

Never steal someone’s lighter

This is inevitable, we’ve all done it and we will all do it again. But don’t do that shit on purpose, and being the owner of the lighter it is your responsibility to get it back from said person who asked to borrow it.

 Know Yourself & Your Limit

Everyone’s gotten way too baked and greened out, but you should always chill out before you start getting too high for your own good. Everyone knows their tolerance and everyone’s is different. It’s not a competition, don’t treat it like one.


 Always De-stem & De-seed Your Weed

Unless your shit sucks, your guy should be pretty on top of his bud tending. But you always want to take out any remaining stems from your bud as well as any seeds you may find nestled in the bud. Whether its every time you grind up weed, or when you pick up a fresh bag, always pick out imperfections.


Never Complain

If someone offers to smoke you up, don’t complain that their shit isn’t up to your standards. Everyone’s tolerance is different, maybe your bro doesn’t need shit as strong as you.

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