Why Hotels Are Getting Rid Of 420

Why Hotels Are Getting Rid Of 420

You check in at the front desk at your hotel and you’re given room 420. To any stoner it feels like you have hit the lottery! You and your friends giggle to each other, knowing it’s going to be one hell of a weekend because the hotel gave you the stoniest room in the building. First thing any stoner does when getting to your room is drop your bags and fire up that sweet kush.

This is all going to change because hotels have been getting the room 420 signs stolen across the country. Stoners just can’t resist having that 420 sign as their own souvenir from their awesome ganja getaway.

Some hotels have been changing room 420 to room 419+1 to detour people from stealing the signs.


Just like floor 13 in most hotels, their even getting rid of room 420 altogether. As security guards walk the halls on the fourth floor they can’t help but smell the stinky kush billowing out of room 420 as we hot-box the shit out of it. Some hotels in Denver Colorado have even gone as far as to stencil out the numbers four twenty to avoid replacing it all together.

Other hotels even remove room 420. As you can see in the picture below, this hotel has a clever way of hiding the fact that the room doesn’t even exist.


We all know this will not stop any of us from smoking when entering our room’s, but this will definitely take a lot of the joy out of getting that one room you couldn’t wait to tell your friends about.

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