Stoner Dictionary | Bomb

Bomb: adjective 1. a term used to describe very potent and pungent marijuana

Example: “I got some bomb bud from the clinic today.”

Before you brag about having some “bomb” herb in your pocket, be sure you are not standing in a public place. America is a country that promotes the idea of free speech. When used as an adjective to describe some sticky weed, could land you in a dark room. You could be cavity searched by the authorities while your friends get stoned in the parking lot. Even though dank nugs are not exactly explosive, or capable of causing some kind of catastrophic event, some cannabis varieties certainly have the ability to expand your mind. Space Bomb, Super Bomb and Ice Bomb are all high quality, mind blowing cannabis strains.

Capable of producing huge, combustible buds, as well as incendiary THC content, these extremely potent plants should definitely be handled with care. Other cannabis varieties such as Sleestack and Blue Dream, although they sound mellow, could still drop a mushroom cloud on your mind. In the event that some bomb buds make it into your pocket, do not panic. The resulting fallout can be remedied by delivery pizza and a nice nap. Remember to store all explosive materials in a cool, dark, dry place. Safety first because danger never takes a day off.


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