What Cannabis Has Done For Me: Real Stoner Stories

What Cannabis Has Done For Me

Writer: Megan Thiessen

I almost feel like i am “just coming out of the closet” just now About this subject. I’ve been smoking cannabis since i was 16 years old. What cannabis has done for me has been great. I still remember the first time getting high. Early teens it was the drug of choice it was easy to get. It made you feel good. Enhanced the joy of being young. Into the later teens 18-19 i tried other drugs. Definitely wouldn’t say that weed was the gateway drug. I wanted to try i – was curious about the effects. There was a moment in my life where i only smoked weed quit drinking & other drugs. I found myself at peace and ease with everything. When i started drinking again. I noticed how irritable i would get. So i quit drinking. But the other drugs still made me crazy. Weed mellowed me but i was still willd on the other drugs.

Early 20s i moved to a small ski town Fernie BC. I say my life started when i moved.

So you ask what cannabis has done for me? I learned so much about myself and drugs / alcohol. I continued to smoke on and off drink on and off. Just figuring myself out. It wasn’t until i found out i was pregnant – where i really started to understand myself and drugs even drinking. It wasn’t just the fact that I was a single mum. And waking up with a hangover to a tireless kid made me want to hang myself. It was a wake up call to myself. I now needed to care for myself in such away, so that i could be the best version of myself for my kid. As much as i liked a good dance night or festival i was now more cautious about what i put in my body, and what the effects of it was.

What Cannabis Has Done For Me
What Cannabis Has Done For Me

When i had my son i quit smoking weed – My mind was all about learning how to be a mum, make a new foundation. That first year I worked hard. I took some online classes, received certificates and diploma in health. I put a lot of focus on creating a healthy active & positive foundations for myself and son.

After the first year i started to smoke up here and there it was “mums night out thing”.

I would secretly smoke up when I was out for the night no kid no cares. I later called this the “closet smoker”. The more i smoked the more i could feel the effects it had.

Not only was feeling the obvious effects. Relaxed, easy, energized. But i was starting to feel more creative. My curious. My nutrition was better, yoga level increased. I continued to challenge myself and write 2 short story’s a day. What cannabis has done for me is make me a better person!

What Cannabis Has Done For Me

There’s this social stigma with cannabis. If you smoke it it makes you lazy. It can make you lazy if you choose to make it that way. If you channel your energy and use its benefits to drive you to be the best you can be. Then you will never become a “lazy pothead”. Cannabis for me has been an eye opener. It’s helped give me a zest for knowledge in all kinds of subjects.

Cannabis has given me a new zest for knowledge in subjects i’m most interested in. It’s helped me improve my nutrition by using taste buds to create healthy meals. Mary Jane helped me slow down when i come to my yoga mat – helping me focus on things that we take for granted like breathing. Its helped me see from a child’s eyes – i will never say cannabis makes me a better mum. But it allows me to stay in a “childlike” mind set for longer. Letting me let go of the messy house or not having things perfect. It just lets me play and enjoy that time with my son. I’m not just a cannabis user i’m a cannabis creative enthusiast.

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