Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners

Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners

So you’ve found yourself once again rolling up on your front porch sitting in your rocking chair with your own killer stash box.

Everything about the way you move and prepare is unique to you and your personality.

Everything has to begin somewhere, and no matter how long you’ve been burning down MJ, you had to start somewhere, someone had to show you the way.

Given that the media and outside influences do have a lot to do with the ways we interact with one another, our family history plays an even bigger roll still. Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners is all about your trippy family tree.

As we all know, marijuana is an ancient treat that has been shared in countless places around the world so it should come to no surprise that your parents, grandparents, and yes even some of your great grands could have enjoyed the satisfaction of lighting the natural cannabis doobie.

Genetics most definitely play a big role in who we become as people and ultimately the role we will play in society.

There are so many stoners in this day and age, and they have to be coming from somewhere.

Our young people have been said to be more laid back and understanding when it comes down to the issues of parenting. This means that we have different views altogether when sticky icky is brought up.

Unlike many hard asses before us we don’t see as many, or really any issues with someone of age being able to enjoy a healthy bowl of Cannabis Crunch, or Kush Puffs.

With thinking and innovation like this floating around in the atmosphere, the future pot heads of tomorrow have plenty to look forward to. Stoner Days homework for the day: If you’ve got the moxy, ask some of the elders in your family if they know a sexy lady seductive lady by the name of Mary, and ask how well.

Wake and Bake Wednesday Generational Stoners

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